Billionaire James Dyson says Brexit has given the country freedom

Dyson Institute. Photo credit: Dyson

Brexiteer and billionaire Sir James Dyson said the UK leaving the European Union has given the country freedom. 

The interview came as Dyson announced plans to create 200 new jobs at its research facilities in Malmesbury and Hullavington, Wiltshire.

Sir James told the BBC on 14 April:

“We’ve got our freedom, we can make trade agreements with other countries outside Europe [and] we can employ people from all around the world.”

Dyson plans to hire 200 new science and research roles on its Malmesbury and Hullavington Innovation Campuses in the UK.

The roles will be focused on fundamental scientific, mathematical and engineering breakthroughs across a range of fields including energy storage, Machine Learning, high-speed digital motors, AI, sensing technology and material science.

When asked whether Dyson could be making more innovation happen in the UK, he said:

“I’ve invested about £2bn on this site [Wiltshire].

“I’m taking on more people, I employ 4,000 people here, I pay a large amount of tax here.”

He said that the invention of the vaccine showed that the UK had “an independence of spirit” that was now able to shine through.

Sir James continued:

“That couldn’t be better demonstrated than in the development of the [Oxford-AstraZeneca] vaccine.

“We weren’t part of the European development of the vaccine. We had to develop our own – a world record-beating vaccine produced in record time, and that’s because we produced it.”

The Founder and Chief Engineer added:

“We are growing our research and engineering teams to achieve radical leaps in the performance of our machines, underpinned by technologies such as solid-state batteries and robotics. The recruits will join a very broad team, from our Dyson Undergraduates at the Dyson Institute, to world-experts in their fields.

Dyson is a very global business. Research and Development teams increasingly span UK, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and US, we sell in 83 markets globally, and our headquarters are in Singapore.”

With the new research-focused roles based on Dyson’s UK Innovation Campus, the site continues to grow as one of the largest R&D hubs in Britain.

The Wiltshire site is home to one of the largest and most advanced energy storage labs in the UK as well as suites of scanning electron microscopes, electromagnetic compatibility chambers, semi-anechoic chambers, microbiology labs, hair-science labs, air filtration chambers, and advanced rapid prototyping facilities.


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