Blair tells Labour leader Starmer to ‘reject wokeism’

Photo: Twitter

By William Hallowell, CP News Reporter.

The former Prime Minister has told Keir Starmer to “reject wokeism” if he wants to win the next General Election. 

On Friday, Tony Blair said Labour should adopt a “commonsensical position on the ‘culture’ issues”, hinting that Sir Keir Starmer should abandon ‘woke’ politics. 

Suggesting how Labour should win the next election, having won three himself, Blair said: “We should openly embrace liberal, tolerant but commonsensical positions on the ‘culture’ issues, and emphatically reject the ‘wokeism’ of a small though vocal minority.”

On socialism, he said:

“The leadership should continue to push the far-left back to the margins.

“The country must know there is no question of negotiating the terms of power with them.”

He also said Labour “needs a new future-oriented policy agenda based on an understanding of how the world is changing which rejects both the old fashioned statist view of the left and the status quo politics of the right”.

However, the former Prime Minister said the current Labour leader is “capable of governing” and that “confidence is returning”. 

In 2015, Blair said he wouldn’t want Labour to win on a left-wing platform “even if I thought it was the route to victory”.

He has been an outspoken critic of Jeremy Corbyn, Starmer’s predecessor, on several occasions. 

Starmer came under criticism after this year’s party conference after declaring that it is incorrect to say that only women can have cervixes, amid the controversy over Labour MP Rosie Duffield’s outspoken views on women’s rights and gender ideology. 

The party more widely have also been criticised for being ‘woke’. Around the same time, shadow justice secretary, David Lammy, said women who advocate for sex-based rights are “dinosaurs” who want to “hoard rights”, with regards to transgender women (biological men). 

Amid Keir Starmer’s struggle to define the party’s ideological direction under his leadership, he proscribed a number of socialist groups, much to the disapproval of some ‘Labour left’ members and activists. 


  1. Starmer is definitely list thd plot .All he has to offer is trying his best to bring Boris down hes obsessed.
    Would never ever vote for Srarmer. Wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.
    Deffinatly not material fir a pm ppissition.


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