Boris bans EU vessels from electric shock fishing in UK waters


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has kick started his plan for sovereign Britain by immediately banning EU vessels from pulse fishing in UK waters.

Pulse trawling is a controversial fishing method that uses electric shock signals to drive flat fish, such as sole, from the seabed into nets. While further scientific research is being conducted into the practice, there are concerns about its impact on the marine environment.

Using an electric current to fish was banned in 1998 but since 2006 pulse beam trawling has been allowed under an EU derogation.

Over 80 Dutch vessels held permissions and were using this method in certain parts of the southern North Sea, including in UK waters outside the 12-mile zone.

Environment Minister Zac Goldsmith said: ‘It is fantastic news we have been able to end pulse trawling in UK waters by EU and English vessels. 

“This is just one of the good things we can do now.’


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