Boris calls leaders of the United States, France, Germany and Italy

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks speaks to the leaders of the United States, France, Germany and Italy this afternoon about the situation in Ukraine. Picture by Simon Dawson/ No 10 Downing Street

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke with President Biden, President Macron, Chancellor Scholz and Prime Minister Draghi this afternoon (29 March).

During his call with the leaders of the United States, France, Germany and Italy today, the Prime Minister highlighted the appalling attacks being carried out in cities such as Mariupol, which have already suffered weeks of bombardment.

The leaders agreed on the ongoing need to support and sustain the people of Ukraine in their fight against Russian barbarism.

The Prime Minister underscored that we must judge Putin’s regime by their actions not their words as “Putin is twisting the knife in the open wound of Ukraine in an attempt to force the country and its allies to capitulate.”

The Prime Minister stressed to his fellow leaders that we should be unrelenting in our response.

The leaders discussed the need to work together to reshape the international energy architecture and reduce dependence on Russian hydrocarbons. They agreed there could be no relaxation of western resolve until the horror inflicted on Ukraine has ended.

Last week Boris Johnson announced a major new package of support for Ukraine at the NATO and G7 leaders’ meetings, as he called on the international community to stay the course on Ukraine and stand against tyranny.

Mr Johnson announced include 6,000 missiles, consisting of anti-tank and high explosive weapons, and £25 million in financial backing for the Ukrainian military.

This more than doubles the defensive lethal aid provided to date to more than 10,000 missiles, and comes on top of the £400 million the UK has committed in humanitarian and economic aid for the crisis and more than 4 million items of medical equipment and 500 mobile generators.

The UK has also provided an additional £4.1 million for the BBC World Service as part of a cross-government effort to tackle disinformation in Russia and Ukraine, as well as new financial and policing support for the International Criminal Court’s investigation into war crimes.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

Vladimir Putin is already failing in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have shown themselves to be extraordinarily brave and tenacious in defending their homeland, in the face of an unprovoked onslaught.

But we cannot and will not stand by while Russia grinds Ukraine’s towns and cities into dust. The United Kingdom will work with our allies to step up military and economic support to Ukraine, strengthening their defences as they turn the tide in this fight.

One month into this crisis, the international community faces a choice. We can keep the flame of freedom alive in Ukraine, or risk it being snuffed out across Europe and the world.

The leaders agreed to stay in close contact.

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