Boris Johnson could be set for a return to No 10 according to one of his most ardent supporters, former Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries.

Ms Dorries, who was a great ally of Mr Johnson throughout his premiership, said Rishi Sunak could be ousted following low poll ratings, especially after next year’s local elections in May.

Speaking to the Express, the former Culture Secretary said:

“I think the local elections in May are going to be absolutely difficult for us but Rishi won’t walk.

“It will take a little bit longer than that. I think there is a chance if the polls keep sliding by this time next year we will see Boris Johnson back in Downing Street.”

“Many of the ­people who were anti-Boris realise they are nothing without their seat.”

“They have no voice, no one is interested in what they will have to say, not even down at the job centre.”

Then Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a visit in August 2022 to Wessex Internet with then Culture Secretary and great ally Nadine Dorries. Picture by Simon Dawson / No 10 Downing Street

The Conservative Post’s new Bring Back Boris petition, has now reached a staggering 40,000 signatures from supporters, of which over a quarter say they are Conservative Party members.

As per the Constitution a petition of over 10,000 verified members is enough to force a National Convention and trigger a vote within the party.

The Bring Back Boris petition was set up after the Conservative Post was inundated with requests from readers who say returning Mr Johnson to Number 10 is the only way of saving the party from an electoral catastrophe at the next General Election.

Conservative Post Founder Claire Bullivant who set up the petition explains:

“This isn’t about Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Many of us think he’s a fine politician. But we have to listen to our readers… and just look at the polling numbers. People are worried and not a day goes past without us receiving emails and messages from our readers demanding a return of Boris. They are saying in their thousands the only way the party will survive and stop Keir Starmer getting the keys to Downing Street is to get Boris back.”

If you want to bring back Boris, please sign the petition that will be presented to CCHQ in January.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, petition the Conservative & Unionist Party to Bring Back Boris Johnson as the leader of our party and Prime Minister of this country. 

After being voted for by 14 million people and giving our party an 80 seat majority, our democratically elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson was undemocratically ousted by a small cabal of MPs.  

We the undersigned believe Boris is the only person who can save us from electoral catastrophe at the next General Election and demand he be given the opportunity to see out the manifesto we the people voted for.  

You the party need us to deliver your leaflets, knock on doors, donate funds and spread your messages. You need us to get out and vote for you. The only way the party is going to survive now is if you bring back the leader we want, we support and we will stand behind. 

We hereby demand Boris Johnson is reinstated into his rightful position to lead our party into the next General Election and deliver Great Britain a great future.

Bring Back Boris

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