Boris holds virtual meeting with world leaders on Ukraine

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Picture by Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street

Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a virtual meeting with the leaders of the US, Canada, Italy, Poland, Romania, France, Germany, the European Council, the European Commission and NATO to discuss the situation in Ukraine last night.

The Prime Minister told the group that he feared for the security of Europe in the current circumstances.

He impressed the need for NATO Allies to make it absolutely clear that there will be a heavy package of economic sanctions ready to go, should Russia make the devastating and destructive decision to invade Ukraine.

The Prime Minister added that President Putin had to understand that there would be severe penalties that would be extremely damaging to Russia’s economy, and that Allies needed to continue with efforts to reinforce and support the Eastern frontiers of NATO. He urged the leaders to work together to deliver economic and defensive support to Ukraine.

The leaders agreed that if President Putin deescalated, there was another way forward, and they pledged to redouble diplomatic efforts in the coming days.

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