Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reportedly made more than £1 million since leaving Number 10 in September.

According to reports the 58-year-old Conservative MP has spoken at four different events since stepping down as PM, earning a whopping £1,030,780.

Mr Johnson’s basic salary as an MP from 2021-22 was £81,932, while government records show he received an additional £75,440 for his prime ministerial role. This totalled an annual salary last year of £157,372.

However, new figures released this week show the former PM can command over £250,000 for a single speech at events across the world.

As a member of parliament, Mr Johnson is required to declare external earnings, as well as the number of hours involved. The latest update of Parliament’s Register of Members’ Financial Interests show Mr Johnson’s best paid work was a speech in New York to the U.S. finance firm Center View Partners which paid £277,700.

The former PM has also been paid more than £750,000 for three speeches in November including when he spoke at a Hindustan Times event and the CNN Global Summit in Lisbon. He received £261,652 from the Indian newspaper which included a keynote speech in New Delhi.

It is expected Mr Johnson will make even more over the coming months and years as he follows in the footsteps of Tony Blair and David Cameron who have shown the global speaking circuit can be very lucrative for British ex-Prime Ministers.

Former Conservative PM David Cameron has earned over £120,000 for a single speech and former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair can reportedly command an estimated £300,000 to speak at an event.

Already an award-winning writer, Boris Johnson is also expected to publish his long-awaited book on Shakespeare next year and has said he will be standing again in the next election.

Picture by Tim Hammond / No 10 Downing Street.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License.


  1. Good on you Boris I really miss hearing and seeing him He deserves it so glad he is in demand Where are we heading without him as our Prime Minister ……


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