Boris Johnson’s resignation sparked ‘big party’ in Kremlin, says Ukrainian MP


Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko said Putin is hoping the West’s resolve will crack during winter.

Russian government officials held a huge party in the Kremlin in Moscow to celebrate the resignation of Boris Johnson, according to the Ukrainian MP.

Oleksiy Goncharenko told GB News:

“What I can tell you is that there was a big party in the Kremlin, when Boris Johnson resigned.

“It was in all Russian propaganda, it was said by the Russian press secretary that everybody except Putin himself was there, they were so happy.

“And it shows something. It shows that they were scared of Boris Johnson, it shows that they were scared of the leadership he showed.”

Mr Johnson is a cult figure in Ukraine and Mr Goncharenko told Patrick Christys in an interview on GB News that his resignation marked a rare piece of good news for the Russians. He said:

“All time they had losses and lost everything. They lost their flagship. They lost more than 30,000 people.

“They lost all their reputation. They’re committing genocide.”

He said Russia’s strategy now includes trying to manipulate global food prices:

“They want to affect prices around the world.

“They want the British people to come to the pub and see that fish and chips is much more expensive because it was made from Ukrainian sunflower oil.

“Beer is much more expensive because it was made from Ukrainian barley, and things like this.

“And they want to see starving millions of people in North Africa and the Middle East to have huge new waves of refugees coming to Europe and having social unrest in all countries.”

He said Putin is waiting for winter to put pressure on the West:

“They’re hoping that people in the world will say ‘wow, so high, prices for energy for food, this government is doing a bad job, let’s give Putin whatever he wants’.

“That’s what he is waiting for and that will be the worst scenario because that will mean that we will have a big war, and we will have no energy, no food, and that will be a disaster.”


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