Boris sets out plan to ‘level up’ forgotten parts of Britain


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to “level up” the forgotten parts of Britain without damaging those areas that are already thriving.

In his speech from Coventry this morning, the PM said plans to invest more in deprived areas and improve skills are not a “jam-spreading exercise.”

He pledged to improve services and boost community pride after fuller plans are laid out this autumn.

“For too many people geography turns out to be destiny”, he said. Adding it is “an outrage” that life expectancy is 10 years lower in Glasgow than Rutland. 

“There is a glaring imbalance,” Boris said, noting that children on free school meals in London are more than twice as likely to get into university as those outside London. 

In his speech, the prime minister also said the government will have “made progress in levelling up when we have begun to raise living standards, spread opportunity, improved our public services and restored people’s sense of pride in their community.”

He said that investing in more deprived areas will relieve pressure on parts of the UK that are “over-heating” and that previous governments focused too much on “areas where house prices are already high and where transport is already congested.”

However, Mr Johnson insisted that there will not be “levelling down” in prosperous places, adding:

“We don’t want to decapitate the tall poppies.

“We don’t think you can make the poor parts of the country richer by making the rich parts poorer.”

He said that “levelling up is not a jam-spreading operation. It’s not robbing Peter to pay Paul. It’s not zero-sum. It’s win-win.”

Click below to see the full speech:


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