Boris to hold Cobra meeting as Putin on brink of major climbdown

Boris Johnson. Photographer: Andrew Parsons Copyright: UK MOD © Crown copyright

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will today chair an emergency Cobra meeting as hopes rise that Russia will not carry out an invasion of Ukraine.

The Prime Minister will gather with senior staff to give an update on the latest situation after this morning Russia unexpectedly moved some troops away from the border and back to their military bases.

Satellite imagery and video footage showed Russian tanks being loaded onto railway flatcars and troops marching back to their barracks.

This retreat by President Putin has raised hopes the break out of conflict will be avoided.

However, despite the start of an apparent pullback, thousands of Russian troops still remain stationed at the Ukraine border.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged European nations to end its dependence on Russia gas via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. He said:

“What I think all European countries need to do now is get Nord Stream out of the bloodstream.

“Yank out that hypodermic drip feed of Russian hydrocarbons that is keeping so many European economies going.”

More to follow.


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