Prime Minister Boris Johnson is defiantly refusing to resign tonight, telling Cabinet colleagues that he’s going nowhere.

Starring down certain members of his Cabinet this evening, the PM quite rightly said a resignation would be the end of the Conservative party, giving the next general election to Labour.

Prominent supporters of the Prime Minister include Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries and Brexit Opportunities minister Jacob Rees-Mogg who have rallied behind the Prime Minister this evening in his bid to stay on in No 10.

As Ms Dorries left Downing Street this evening she was asked if she was still supporting the Prime Minister to which she said “definitely”.

Asked if others were also still backing him, she said: “Oh yes.”

On Monday the 1922 Committee are hoping to change the rules to allow a second vote of no confidence within 12 months.

Please sign our petition which will be presented to them before they meet on Monday.

We the undersigned petition the Executive of the 1922 Committee against changing the rules to allow a second vote of no confidence within 12 months...

Stop cheating and changing the rules 1922 Committee



  1. The 1922 Comittee cannot change the Law to suit themselves, You have to wait a year for another No Confidences vote, The Bill as it is must stand, I have the utmost confidence in our PM Boris Johnson.

  2. It’s time the 1922 Committee was abolished. The clue is in the name – 1922 – a hundred years out of date. It is not democratic that a cabal of out of touch, self seeking MPs can change the party leader, and the rules, at will without consulting the members..
    I hope they realise that they have destroyed the Conservative Party. There is no way I can vote for a party that has treated its leader in this way. They would not have won the last election without him, he nearly killed himself working when he had Covid, to save us. Wretches.

  3. 1922committee you should stop trying to bully The Prime Minister into resigning he is doing a good job under very difficult circumstances leave the rules as they are. He still has a lot of support in the country.

  4. Perhaps the membership of the 1922 Committee should be looked into. We need to weed out all the MPs who do not support our PM, who is doing a fantastic job.

  5. It’s a choice between supporting PM Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party on one hand and the Labour Party on the other. I’m behind PM Boris Johnson I support the Conservative Party.

  6. I can not understand why a Prime Minister that gave the Conservative Party an eighty seat majority over the whole country can be ousted by only fifty or so MP’s they should be ashamed of themselves, and now the 1922 committee wants to change the rules to suit its own ends. This is corruption on a massive scale

  7. The 1922 Committee needs to be disbanded. It’s outdated. How can 50 MPs and 8 1922 Committee members get rid of a Prime Minister voted in 2019 with an eighty seat majority? The Conservative party is going to rue the day they took this deed upon themselves. Bring back our democratically elected Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.


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