Brave British soldiers rescue US news reporter after Biden bans American troops from leaving Kabul Airport


An American news reporter has spoken about her perilous journey escaping Afghanistan with the help of British troops.

The Washington Post’s Susannah George told American news channel MSNBC her escape became treacherous after President Joe Biden banned American troops from leaving Kabul Airport stranding many US citizens across Afghanistan.

The American news correspondent said she was only able to reach the airport after British soldiers agreed to help her and her party when they arrived to evacuate a group of British nationals from a safe den.

The American newspaper correspondent said: 

“We were able to escape Kabul.

“We were lucky because we were able to use a window where the UK troops were conducting their own evacuations.

“These troops had cleared a portion of the road outside one of these gates at the airport, which now you see images of these gates.

“And there’s just hundreds of people piled up against them. 

“These British forces had pushed these people back past the Taliban checkpoint and had cleared a portion of the road that allowed us this small window of opportunity to use that bit of road to get inside the military airport and get to a flight that would get us outside of Kabul.”

According to Ms George, initially the British soldiers were “cautious” about helping her and her party saying they needed sign-off from the US Embassy. But after a few phone calls they agreed to help the American group which included eight children through the Taliban checkpoint.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the UK’s evacuation actions would continue as long as it is safe to say so.

Mr Johnson will tomorrow use a virtual G7 summit to encourage President Biden to keep US boots on the ground for longer so more people can be airlifted to safety.

Britain’s evacuation mission in Afghanistan now only has “hours not weeks” left, Ben Wallace Britain’s Defence Secretary warned today.


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