Britain agrees multibillion-pound plan to build new UK nuclear power plant

Anglesey, Wales

Ministers have backed a multibillion-pound plan to build another large-scale nuclear power plant in the UK to ease pressure on electricity supplies as the country moves towards net zero.

The government is in discussions with the American nuclear reactor manufacturer Westinghouse about a proposal to develop a new plant on Anglesey in Wales.

The facility would reduce pressure on electricity supplies and help the UK reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, a target that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set out in his ten point plan.

Britain currently has seven operating nuclear plants which provide around 17 percent of its electricity needs.

The new Welsh plant would be joining a second nuclear plant at Hinkley Point, Somerset, which is already under construction, as well as a proposal for a new reactor at Sizewell, Suffolk.

Once constructed, the Welsh plant would be capable of generating enough electricity to power over six million homes.

Britain’s climate advisors have said that nuclear replacement plants are an important step in decarbonising the UK’s electricity system, which would need to be completely decarbonised 2035 to reach net zero by 2050, according to experts.

The recent spike in gas prices combined with a fall in renewable generation due to low wind speeds had underlined the need for more nuclear capacity, The Times said, citing a government source.

The source told the newspaper:

“If our current situation shows anything it is that we need more stable home grown, low carbon generation in the UK.

“This is an important project that we’re very keen to try and get off the ground.”


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