Britain donates medical supplies to Papua New Guinea


The United Kingdom has provided K2 million worth of vital medical equipment to help Papua New Guinea tackle the recent surge in COVID-19 cases.

The equipment, procured by the World Health Organization in Papua New Guinea and aimed at breathing and respiratory needs, includes a portable x-ray machine, patient monitors, resuscitation sets, ventilation bags and oxygen masks.

It is the latest in a programme of UK support to the health sector in Papua New Guinea, which also aims to build capacity and provide lasting value for future generations.

Keith Scott, British High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, said:

I am delighted that UK funding has enabled the delivery of much needed health equipment, which will not only help during the current spread of COVID-19 but will also benefit patients in Papua New Guinea well into the future.

It complements the work we have already been doing to promote health in PNG, including our K40 million Fleming Fund programme to tackle drug resistant diseases and our K1 million donation to UNICEF to provide clean water and washing facilities for 8,000 school children in the Highlands.

The United Kingdom has committed K6 billion to the international response to tackle COVID-19 health, economic and humanitarian impacts and has given K2.6 billion to the COVAX Advance Market Commitment to provide access to COVID-19 vaccines worldwide, including the first batch of 132,000 AstraZeneca doses, which arrived in Papua New Guinea on 13 April.

Other UK support has included:

  • K155,000 to up-grade facilities at St John Ambulance Headquarters in Port Moresby and provide equipment for Rita Flynn COVID isolation facility
  • K110,000 for 35,000 COVID awareness booklets in Tok Pisin, Motu and Bahasa, distributed to all MPs


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