‘Britain is transmitting a dignified image to the world’ says Michael Portillo

Photo credit: Michael Portillo

The Queen’s death has united the country Michael Portillo has claimed.

The former Conservative Minister said on GB News: “Britain is transmitting a dignified image to the world. Other countries may criticise us, for Brexit and Boris, and you have to be British to understand either one of those, but we are being lifted out of ridicule. 

“We should embark in due course on a national debate about the Monarchy. The Queen’s death provides us with another opportunity to update. 

“But as we do that, critics of monarchy need to reflect on the scenes of recent days, when every self respecting head of state in the world will wish to be in London.

The former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer continued: 

“So many people have been surprised by the mood and how they’ve been frequently brought back to the point of tears. The images on our screens has been one of a public fraught in its loss.

“A huge number have been united by the rituals of mourning, despite all the polarisations that exist in our society today.”

Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle has also said the Queen’s passing brought Parliament and the country together.

He said: “We’ll never see anything like this again. It’s quite unbelievable, that here we had a country and a Parliament that was very tetchy with each other, very scratchy.

“And suddenly, it’s brought Parliament together, it’s brought the country together, united in grief.”

Sir Lindsay, who joined the Commons in 1997, said: “It united the House. It’s something I’ve never seen before.”

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral is taking place tomorrow (Monday) at Westminster Abbey with a host of world leaders, royalty and other dignitaries in attendance.

The event will be one of the biggest gatherings of royalty and world leaders ever hosted anywhere in the world.

Invitations were sent out last weekend, with some 500 heads of state and foreign dignitaries expected to attend the ceremony at Westminster Abbey which has a capacity for around 2,200 people.

They will join members of the Royal family, UK prime ministers past and present and key figures from public life at Westminster Abbey.

A Whitehall source said: “This is the biggest international event we have hosted in decades.”

The source compared the logistical task to organising “hundreds of state visits within a matter of days” whereas normally, there might only be a handful a year. It therefore presents “a huge logistical, diplomatic and security challenge.”

The State Funeral of Her Majesty The Queen will take place at Westminster Abbey tomorrow (Monday 19th September) at 1100hrs BST. 


    • He should be referred to as Johnson, great men and women aren’t called Boris, Tony, Margaret, Benjamin, Dave, Winston. Unless they are kings, even though Johnson thinks he is king of the world, there is no such position.

      • The sense of unity discussed by Michael Portillo might last 3 weeks, if we’re lucky, before the poor loser remainers start hacking away again at the government. The fact that Boris has always been called Boris is indicative of his greatness – and the affectionate appeal he has had in the hearts of many of his devotees, which will still be there long after the dust has settled on the funeral.

  1. I agree. Boris achieved such a lot in a short time, despite enormous difficulties. It was very shortsighted of the vindictive Conservative remoaner MPs to oust him especially against the wishes of the Conservative Party Members who voted him in. Also, our petition was ignored by the party. I hope Liz Truss does well, I am sure she will.


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