Britain praised for its ‘leadership role’ in Kabul evacuations


Britain has won praise for its “leadership role” in the Kabul evacuations by its allies says a senior diplomat.

According to the Telegraph a senior diplomat said Britain had received plaudits from countries at a Monday afternoon meeting of the G7, Turkey, Qatar and Nato that was convened to discuss the evolving situation.

The source said:

“The UK was praised by a majority of countries for having taken a leadership role in evacuations and getting people out, as well as for a recent political paper provided to the G7.”

Picture by Simon Dawson / No 10 Street

Evacuation efforts were a race against time as countries tried to get vulnerable Afghans and their own citizens out of Afghanistan as President Biden’s 31 August deadline loomed.

The diplomat said:

“Other people have looked to us [Britain] and seen what we did showed leadership. We helped a lot of other countries get people out.”

Official figures say the combined effort evacuated more than 114,000 people since Aug 14, the day before the Taliban entered Kabul.

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