Once again there’s been some great news coming in from across the UK this week (24th – 30th May 2021).

The country has a bold transport plan to become the biggest economy in Europe, a new national flagship to promote British business around the world has been announced and the sky’s the limit as British spaceflight is taking a giant leap forward. Plus have you seen the Royal Air Force’s new Typhoon aircraft? What a beauty to be flying the flag at 9G!

William and Kate have also been enjoying a successful trip in Scotland this week and surprising us all, Boris and Carrie tied the knot. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Here are our best read news stories from the last seven days. Please keep spreading the positive news. #TheGoodNewsThisWeek

10. ‘Votes for life’ for British citizens living abroad

New measures announced in the Queen’s Speech will make it easier for British citizens who have moved abroad to participate in our democracy. Decisions made in the UK Parliament on foreign policy, defence, immigration, pensions and trade deals affect British citizens who live overseas. It is therefore right that they have a say in UK Parliamentary General Elections. This week the Government is setting out further detail on plans to scrap the arbitrary rule that prevents British citizens from voting in General Elections if they have lived abroad for more than 15 years. The changes, which will form part of the Elections Bill, will also include measures to enable overseas electors to stay registered to vote for longer, with an absent voting arrangement in place… click here

9. British spaceflight taking a giant leap forward

Satellites and rockets could launch from UK soil in 2022, with spaceports planned for Cornwall, Wales and Scotland. Another barrier to space exploration from UK soil is lifted this week, with spaceports expected to be in operation from next summer. Developed with the UK Space Agency and the Civil Aviation Authority, new regulations being laid in Parliament this week will mean satellites and rockets can launch from UK soil for the first time – with spaceports planned for Cornwall, Wales and Scotland. Future satellite launches will improve our access to data and communications, and revolutionise services such as satellite navigation and earth observation – enhancing the way we live, work, travel and interact with our planet… click here

8. UK Carrier Strike Group heads off on historic deployment after royal visit

The 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier recently completed demanding training to make sure her and the ships that will accompany her on her world mission are ready for any eventuality. HMS Queen Elizabeth has this week set sail from Portsmouth for her maiden operational deployment at the heart of the UK’s Carrier Strike Group after a farewell visit from Her Majesty The Queen. Following the exercises off the Scottish coastline, the ships of the Carrier Strike Group dispersed briefly before sailing for their deployment, which will take them to Japan and back over the next seven months. The mighty 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier will travel some 26,000 nautical miles as she sails towards the Indo-Pacific region, visiting India, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Singapore… click here

7. Environment Bill continues through Parliament

The Government’s legislation to transform our environment has returned to Parliament today this week for Report Stage and Third Reading in the House of Commons. Through the Environment Bill, the country will clean up air quality, restore natural habitats and increase biodiversity. The Bill will also outline how the government will reduce waste, make better use of resources, and improve management of water resources in a changing climate. The Bill will crack down on water companies that discharge sewage into rivers and will include a world-leading legally-binding species target for 2030, aiming to halt the decline of nature and to protect beloved British animals, such as red squirrels and hedgehogs… click here

6. Britain’s bold transport plan to ‘become the biggest economy in Europe’

Grant Shapps has this week outlined his vision for the future of transport in the UK – and said it can power us to become the biggest economy in Europe. In a wide-ranging speech to travel bosses, passenger groups and the media, the Transport Secretary set out an ambitious blueprint for rail, roads and greener travel. At the centre of this vision are plans to ‘level up’ the country by driving jobs and opportunity to the Midlands and North. These include £317 million for upgrading rail lines, and recent reforms to improve bus and rail services across the country… click here

5. Voter ID is coming: Your questions answered

Voter identification will require voters to prove their identity by showing a form of photographic identification, before being given their ballot paper in a polling station across Great Britain at national UK-wide elections, and at local elections in England. A broad range of documents, both in date and expired, will be accepted in order to prove your identity to vote. In our current electoral system, there is inexcusable potential for someone to cast another’s vote at the polling station. All you need to do is say a name and address when you go to vote. Stealing someone’s vote is stealing their voice. Voter fraud is a crime that we cannot allow room for, so the government is stamping out any potential for it to take place in elections… click here

4. New national flagship to promote British businesses around the world

British businesses will be given a new global platform to promote their products through a new national flagship announced by the Prime Minister today. The ship, the first of its kind to be built and commissioned by the UK, will boost British trade and drive investment into our economy. The vessel will be used to host high level trade negotiations and trade shows and will sail all over the world promoting British interests. A typical six month itinerary for the flagship might include docking at a port in a country where a British Prime Ministerial visit is taking place to accommodate parallel discussions between British and local businesses… click here

3. Flying the flag at 9G!

This week, 29 Squadron at Royal Air Force Coningsby unveiled a Typhoon aircraft with a spectacular ‘Union Jack’ paint scheme. The design covers large areas of the aircraft’s fuselage and wings and will be a highlight at air shows for the next two summers. The 2021 display pilot, Flight Lieutenant James Sainty said: “I am extremely proud to be literally flying the flag in this aircraft. I am confident that air show crowds over the next two years will share some of that pride when they see the aircraft.” A Typhoon display is a culmination of months of hard work, detailed preparation and concerted effort by the team behind the display… click here

2. Prince William and Kate receive warm welcome in Scotland

Appointed to the role of Lord High Commissioner by Her Majesty The Queen, The Duke has already undertaken various ceremonial duties over the weekend including speeches at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. As with every element of life over the past year, The Church has had to change and adapt the way they support their congregations. The Duke spent a day hearing how charities associated with The Church of Scotland have come together over the past year to provide for their local communities in spite of physical distance… click here

1. Happy Wedding Day Boris and Carrie!

Prime Minisier Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds married in a secret ceremony on Saturday. Boris, 56, and Carrie, 33, married at Westminster Cathedral in central London where their son Wilfred was baptised last year. The couple were married by Fr Daniel Humphreys. The ceremony came days after the couple were reported to have sent ‘save the date’ cards to family and friends for a celebration of their marriage in July next year. A member of staff at the Catholic cathedral said they had only discovered the identity of the couple a day before the wedding. A member of staff said: “Yes, there was a wedding. It was the Prime Minister. Carrie looked beautiful…” Click here

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