Britain’s Good News This Week: Top 10 positive news stories from across the UK

Picture by Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street.

Once again there’s been some great news coming in from across the #UK this week (12th – 18th July 2021).

Here are our best read news stories from the last seven days. Please share and keep spreading the positive news. Go global Britain! #TheGoodNewsThisWeek

10. UK entertainment and media industry forecast to return to growth and be the biggest market in Western Europe by 2025

The UK’s entertainment and media industry is forecast to return to growth this year and continue to grow over the next four years driven by sectors liberated from Covid restrictions according to PwC’s latest Global Entertainment & Media (E&M) Outlook. By 2025, the UK is set to overtake Germany as the biggest E&M market in Western Europe by revenue… click here

9. UK leading the fight against space junk

One of the biggest global challenges facing the space sector is orbital congestion and space debris. There are currently an estimated 900,000 pieces of space debris including old satellites, spent rocket bodies and even tools dropped by astronauts orbiting Earth. Space debris can stay in orbit for hundreds of years and present a real danger to the rapidly increasing number of new satellites being launched each year… click here

8. New UK megalab opens to bolster fight against COVID-19

The UK’s first testing megalab – the Rosalind Franklin laboratory in Royal Leamington Spa has opened and will be processing hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 samples every day to rapidly detect new variants and help stop the spread of the virus. As part of the UK’s NHS Test and Trace network, the laboratory is the biggest of its kind in the UK and will use cutting-edge technology to process even more tests and adopt the pioneering new genotype assay testing to quickly identify variants of concern and new mutations… click here

7. Liz Truss visits US to foster closer cooperation on making global trade free and fair

The International Trade Secretary met US Trade Representative Katherine Tai to discuss closer cooperation on tackling threats to free and fair global trade during a five-day visit to the US this week (11-15 July). Liz Truss’ meeting with Tai focused on what we can do to work together and combat market-distorting trade practices such as industrial subsidies and dumping, as well as working together to defend workers and companies that play by the rules against unfair practices in the global trading system… click here

6. Ban on knives, firearms and offensive weapons comes into force

A tough ban on a wide range of knives, weapons, and firearms comes into force today as part of government action to tackle violent crime and serious violence. Cyclone knives, spiral knives and ‘rapid-fire’ rifles are among those covered by the ban, all of which have been associated with serious violence in communities across the country. A new legal definition of flick knives, banned since 1959, also takes effect, resulting in more of these bladed weapons being outlawed. All weapons banned in public by the Criminal Justice Act 1988, including zombie knives, shuriken or death stars and knuckledusters, will now also be banned in private, meaning people can no longer keep them at home… click here

5. Britain dominates European FinTech investment

The UK FinTech sector has retained its role as the top-ranking investment destination in Europe, with $4.1bn venture capital and growth private equity invested across a total of 408 deals. This represents a YoY drop of 9% – an expected shift given the global Covid-19 pandemic and the surrounding economic challenges. Globally, the UK ranks second only to the US in total capital raised. Overall, global FinTech investment for 2020 reached $44 billion across 3,052 deals… click here

4. UK and US extend carrier cooperation agreement

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and his US counterpart Lloyd Austin have extended an agreement to enhance cooperation on aircraft carrier operations as they met in Washington. The two met in Washington DC for a day of high-level talks on a range of shared security challenges, discussing the UK-US defence partnership, NATO, Afghanistan and the Carrier Strike Group. UK-US defence cooperation is the broadest, deepest and most advanced of any two countries in the world, combining the biggest defence budget in the world with the biggest in Europe… click here

3. UK economy outperforming expectations

The UK economy has contracted less than expected during the third lockdown in Q1 2021 and could be on course to recover to pre-pandemic levels by the start of 2022 – one year earlier than previously expected, according to the new economic analysis released by PwC. The full edition of the June 2021 Economic Outlook has found that the UK economy contracted by 1.5% in the first quarter of 2021, which is 18 percentage points lower than Q2 in 2020. In April the UK recorded monthly growth of 2.3% for the third month in a row meaning that 83% of the growth lost from the first lockdown has now been recovered… click here

2. UK Carrier Strike Group reaches Indian Ocean region

The UK Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 2021, led by HMS Queen Elizabeth, has sailed into the Indian Ocean Region having recently transited the Suez Canal. Following a series of successful engagements and operations in the Mediterranean it is now sailing East across the Indian Ocean towards India. It will then meet with ships from the Indian Navy to conduct routine maritime exercises. The deployment represents the UK’s commitment to deepening diplomatic, economic and security ties with India and in the Indo-Pacific region… click here

1. Boris sets out plan to ‘level up’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to “level up” the forgotten parts of Britain without damaging those areas that are already thriving. In his speech from Coventry this week, the PM said plans to invest more in deprived areas and improve skills are not a “jam-spreading exercise.” He pledged to improve services and boost community pride after fuller plans are laid out this autumn… click here

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