Britain’s Good News This Week: Top 10 positive news stories from across the UK


Once again there’s been oodles of positive news coming in from across Britain this week (22nd – 28th March). Global Britain is back with trade deals now signed with 66 countries, there’s fantastic news for our shipbuilding and steel industries, we have record numbers of doctors and nurses now working in the NHS and we have a British Space Academy to look forward to. Ad astra!

Did we also mention we’ll soon be seeing our glorious Union Flag flying on all Government buildings every day?

Here are our best read news stories from the last seven days. Spread the positivity. #TheGoodNewsThisWeek

10. New Royal Navy Surveillance Ship to protect the UK’s critical underwater infrastructure

The Royal Navy are developing a new Multi Role Ocean Surveillance ship (MROSS) to protect our nation against hostile actors and grow our understanding of maritime threats. The ship, which will come into service by 2024, will be a surface vessel, with a crew of around 15 people who will conduct research to help the Royal Navy and Ministry of Defence protect our undersea critical national infrastructure and keep our lives and livelihoods secure from threat… Click Here

9. Business rates relief boosted with new £1.5 billion pot

Business ratepayers adversely affected by COVID-19 are to get a £1.5 billion discount on their bills. Ministers have set out plans this week to provide an extra, targeted support package for businesses who have been unable to benefit from the existing £16 billion business rates relief for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses. Retail, hospitality and leisure businesses have not been paying any rates during the pandemic, as part of a 15 month-long relief which runs to the end of June this year… Click Here

8. £20 million fund to propel green shipbuilding launched

Government invests £20 million to develop innovative zero emission vessels and clean port infrastructure. Hydrogen-powered vessels and e-charge points at ports could soon become a common sight on our seas and in our coastal towns, thanks to a £20 million competition launched this week to make innovative green maritime ideas a reality. The fund will be used to support the development of prototype vessels and port infrastructure that could then be rolled out widely – propelling the sector towards net-zero, as the UK prepares to host the COP26 climate change summit in November… Click Here

7. British Steel investing £100m to improve manufacturing and environmental performance

British Steel has announced it is investing £100m this year to support the next stage of its transformation. The company, which has returned to profit after being brought out of liquidation by Jingye Group 12 months ago, will focus the investment on improving its manufacturing operations and supporting clean growth. Projects the money will help finance include a new billet caster, a scrap pre-heating facility, cranes and a new environmental emission control system… Click Here

6. Record number of NHS doctors and nurses in England

There are record numbers of NHS doctors and nurses working in England according to the latest statistics published this week. The government say it is also committed to delivering 50,000 more NHS nurses by the end of this Parliament. There has also been a 34% increase in applicants to study nursing this year, with all eligible nursing, midwifery and allied-health professional students benefiting from a non-repayable grant from the government, worth at least £5,000 a year. Compared with the same time last year, there are almost 6,600 more doctors and over 10,900 more nurses working in the NHS… Click Here

5. Defence outlines 2030 vision for British Armed Forces including Space Command and a Space Academy

The Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace has set out the future vision for the UK Armed Forces ensuring the military is prepared for new and emerging threats and challenges. Outlined in ‘Defence in a competitive age’, the UK Armed Forces will become a threat-focussed integrated force with a continued shift in thinking across land, sea, air, space and cyber domains. Defence will spend over £85-billion on equipment over the next four years so our armed forces can adapt, compete effectively, and fight decisively when needed. This will support 400,000 jobs across all four nations of the UK… Click Here

4. New £50 note featuring mathematician Alan Turing is revealed

The new polymer £50 note is coming on 23 June 2021 and features the mathematician Alan Turing. It will be the last of the Bank’s collection to switch from paper to polymer and in keeping with Alan Turing’s work, the note is said to be its most secure yet. Alan Turing provided the theoretical underpinnings for the modern computer. While best known for his work devising code-breaking machines during WWII, Turing played a pivotal role in the development of early computers first at the National Physical Laboratory and later at the University of Manchester. He set the foundations for work on artificial intelligence by considering the question of whether machines could think. Turing was homosexual and was posthumously pardoned by the Queen having been convicted of gross indecency for his relationship with a man. His legacy continues to have an impact on both science and society today… Click Here

3. British COVID treatment developed in the NHS saves a million lives worldwide

Dexamethasone, an inexpensive and widely available steroid, has saved around one million lives worldwide since its discovery as an effective treatment for COVID-19 in a clinical trial in the NHS. New figures, published this week, show that use of the drug has so far saved 22,000 lives in the UK and an estimated one million worldwide… Click Here

2. Liz Truss announces creation of four major new Trade and Investment Hubs across the UK

Four major new trade and investment hubs will be established in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the North-East of England to boost trade and investment and level-up the country, the International Trade Secretary announced this week. The trade hubs in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and a new second major DIT site in Darlington, will be established as part of a new strategy to boost exports and bring the benefits of the government’s global trade policy to the whole of the UK, including benefits from future free trade agreements with the US, Australia, New Zealand and CPTPP… Click Here

1. Union flag to be flown on UK Government buildings every day

New guidance published today by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) will see the Union flag flown on UK Government buildings every day. Currently, Union flags are only required to be flown on all UK Government buildings on designated days. The guidance will ask for the flag to be flown all year round, unless another flag is being flown – such as another national flag of the UK, or a county flag, or other flags to mark civic pride… Click Here

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