British ambassador who stayed in Afghanistan working ‘flat out to bring British nationals and Afghan colleagues to safety’


Sir Laurie Bristow, Britain’s ambassador to Afghanistan who stayed behind helping to process visa applications for Afghan interpreters has sent a message out to say he’s “very proud” of his team working night and day at Kabul airport.

Sir Laurie is at the Evacuation Handling Centre at Kabul airport working night and day with a small team of British diplomats doing everything they can to help as many people as possible leave the country.

With the Taliban now in control of Kabul, there is a race against time to evacuate interpreters and other Afghans who have helped British forces in combat efforts against the Taliban.

In his post to Twitter Sir Laurie said:

“We’re doing everything we can to get British nationals and Afghans who have worked with us in the past out of Afghanistan and into safety.

“So yesterday we got about 700 people out. We’re trying to speed up the scale, the pace over the next couple of days. We will put everything we can on this… getting everyone we need to get to safety as soon as we can.”

Around 4,000 British nationals and eligible Afghans are thought to be in the city and in need of evacuation.

Sir Laurie was due to be flown out of Kabul on Sunday but insisted on staying to help provide assistance to British nationals and Afghan staff.

In his post earlier today on Twitter he said his team managed to get about 700 people out of the country yesterday but they are hoping to scale up operations even further over the coming days.

Sir Laurie’s decision to remain is in stark contrast to other allied nations such as the USA and Germany who abandoned Kabul as soon as the Taliban moved in.


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