British Army puts new recruit, a dog-like robot called ‘Spot’ through its paces

Spot entering a building during a training exercise. Photographer: Cpl Aaron J Stone - UK MOD © Crown copyright 2023

Soldiers from the Yorkshire Regiment have been conducting drills whilst using hi-tech equipment including a dog-like robot known as “Spot”.

Spot, (Cerberus QUGV) is a complete CBRNE detection robot package with a tactical camera package which can navigate complex terrain, open doors, and pick up equipment.

The Army Warfighting Experiment: The Urban Series 2022-24 focuses on war fighting in the urban environment, preparing the Army for future conflict in an increasingly urbanised world.

It is designed to align experimentation to the tactical functions, developing each focus area year-on-year until integrating them all during a final experiment. This will provide the evidence to inform the Army and Defence which capabilities must be invested in and developed for the Army to remain competitive on the global stage.

The Army Warfighting Experiment has been and remains the flagship experimentation programme for the British Army.

Through AWE the Army will forge relationships with industry, academia, allies, and partners, and message our allies and adversaries that the British Army will adapt for the future with cutting-edge technological advances.

The Urban Series will conduct experimentation focused on the urban environment to optimize the Army for Urban Operations, incorporating dawning technologies into brigade, battlegroup, and sub-echelon capabilities.

The Army Warfighting Experiment: The Urban Series 2022-24 will see a collaboration of the Army with subject matter experts to experiment with cutting and bleeding-edge technologies, focusing on how the Army can be optimised for future complex urban environments.

Photographer: Cpl Aaron J Stone – UK MOD © Crown copyright 2023


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