Cambrian Mountains Lamb and Watercress officially register as latest UK Geographical Indications


Cambrian Mountains Lamb and Watercress have now officially joined the growing collection of UK’s Geographical Indications (GIs).

The new, independent Geographical Indication schemes were launched after the end of the transition period to ensure popular and traditional products from across the country are recognised for their authenticity and origin.

This means that shoppers can buy their favourite food and drink with confidence, and producers benefit from intellectual property protection, so that others cannot imitate them.

There are 91 GIs registered from across the UK – 81 agricultural products, five wines and five spirit drinks.

Wales’ Cambrian Mountains Lamb derives its characteristics from lambs born and reared in the Cambrian Mountains area of Wales. The animals grow at a naturally slow pace, whilst grazing hills and mountains during the summer and autumn.

The meat is produced using a traditional ‘Hafod a Hendre’ system of farming, which dates back to the Middle Ages. The succulent and delicate lamb matures slowly over more than 16 weeks, before being sold to customers.

Watercress has been granted its special status thanks to its unique and traditional character, enshrined in its production methods, which have been associated with steadily flowing water for thousands of years. Historically, this crop has remained unaltered by selection and breeding – meaning that its unique flavour has remained largely unchanged for generations.

Today’s announcement means that only specific plants grown in flowing water can bear the name Watercress when commercially sold in Great Britain.

Environment Secretary, George Eustice, said:

Our new GI schemes ensure that traditional products, like Cambrian Mountains Lamb, have a special status to mark their authenticity and provenance.

It is great to see these new GIs registered today, taking us to a total of 91 GI products registered from across the UK. I hope that we will continue to build on this success, and ensure that our produce is enjoyed at home and abroad.

Wales’ Cambrian Mountains Lamb is now officially registered as a Protected Geographical Indication, while Watercress has gained the Traditional Speciality Guaranteed status.

Secretary of State for Wales Simon Hart said:

Following the awarding of protected status to Gower Salt Marsh Lamb during the Summer this latest announcement highlights, once again, the quality of Welsh lamb and is testament to the skill of those who produce it.

Wales’ range and quality of food and drink is renowned across the world and the UK Government continues to protect and promote our iconic produce with the new GI schemes.

Guaranteeing the authenticity of Welsh food and drink helps cement our reputation for quality both at home and in new international markets.

Protected Geographical Indication status guarantees a product’s quality and confirms that at least one production step takes place within a specific geographical area. It also certifies that a product’s quality, reputation or characteristics are linked to its geographical origin.

The Traditional Speciality Guarantee status ensures that traditional characteristics of a product, such as production methods or recipes, are fully protected.


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