Campaign launched to ready businesses for points-based immigration system


The Home Office has today launched a new campaign to ensure businesses are ready for the introduction of the UK’s new points-based immigration system as free movement ends.

The nationwide marketing campaign will run throughout the Autumn and use a wide range of channels to reach employers, including radio, social media, digital, and outdoor advertising.

According to officials the key message for businesses is that the way they hire from the EU is changing, and to recruit from outside the UK, they will need to be a licensed sponsor.

Minister for Future Borders and Immigration Kevin Foster said:

The new points-based system will be fairer and firmer, giving us control of our borders and treating people based on the skills they have to offer and the contribution they can make to the UK, not where they come from.

We will be able to decide who comes into the country, allowing us to prioritise and invest in those people already in the UK, upskilling our current work force, whilst also attracting the best and brightest from around the world to complement the skills we already have.

The Home Office say it is vital that employers are prepared for the implementation of the new points-based immigration system, which is why they are “providing certainty and support on the system now.”

They add the programme of communications will complement the hundreds of engagement events they have conducted and will help employers understand the system and how to prepare.

They continue: “We are working extensively to understand employers’ needs and encourage them to invest in the best home-grown talent alongside recruiting the best and brightest from abroad.

“Our new system has been designed with businesses in mind, treating people from every part of the world equally, welcoming them based on the skills they have to offer and how they will contribute to the UK, not where their passport comes from.

“It will be simpler for businesses to access the talent they need as we have removed the Resident Labour Market Test, lowered the skills and salary threshold, and suspended the cap on skilled workers.

“We are also introducing special schemes to enable more scientists, academics, investors, entrepreneurs, and health and care workers to come to the UK easily and are reviewing the recommendations of the independent Migration Advisory Committee on the shortage occupation list, so that the government can work with sectors to fill roles quickly where shortages may occur.”


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