Chancellor to announce £435 million to tackle crime and help victims


A £435 million package of funding to prevent crime, protect communities and help victims in England and Wales is expected to be announced by the Chancellor at next week’s Budget and Spending Review.

As part of the cash injection, funding towards helping victims, including those of domestic and sexual abuse, will rise to £185m an 85% increase from 2019-20.

Around £50 million will go towards the Safer Streets Fund helping it continue its vital role in working with police forces in local crime-prevention. This includes investing in better CCTV, improved street lighting and intruder alarms. The Safer Streets Fund investment is part of a wider £150 million package to help cut down crime and protect communities across England and Wales.

A separate £80 million in additional funding is also expected to be announced for the Crown Prosecution Service, part of which will help improve the response to rape and sexual assault cases.

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, said:

“We should all feel as safe, whether we’re walking our streets, staying at home or going out for the evening – but this is sometimes not the case, especially for young women.

“That is why we’re committing hundreds of millions of pounds to change this.

“From boosting investment in better CCTV and street lighting, to better home security and support for repeat victims – we are committed to make our streets and homes safe.”

Since it began last year, the Safer Streets Fund has helped crack down on neighbourhood crimes, as well as tackling violence against women and girls. It has done this through helping communities invest in a range of crime-prevention tactics, including better CCTV, improved street lighting, intruder alarms and locked gates around alleyways.

The fund has helped local authorities and police forces pioneer new ways to help prevent crime, including violence against women and girls, by delivering bystander training and other educational programmes to raise awareness and change attitudes.

Communities have also been able to establish Neighbourhood and Business Watch schemes, which encourage local residents to get involved in preventing crime themselves, with the help of the police and council.

The Chancellor is also expected to announce £80 million for the Crown and Prosecution Service (CPS), with a portion of the funding being used to further to improve the way rape cases are dealt with by increasing prosecution numbers, helping restore victims’ confidence, and improving collaboration with the police. The funding will also be used to help the CPS prosecute the additional criminal cases which will be brought into the system by the government’s commitment to recruit 20,000 additional police officers.

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