Conservative MP speaks out about 15-month battle with TSB bank to get his money back


Conservative MP Royston Smith said it has refused to unfreeze his account despite letters to chief executive Robin Bulloch.

TSB bank has de-banked an MP and refused to give him his money back for nearly a year and a half, it can be revealed.

Royston Smith told GB News: “This has been going on since April 22, when I first wrote to Robin Bulloch who is the chief executive of TSB.

“I’ve written to him now a further four or five times in total and he has not had the common courtesy or decency to even to acknowledge my letters. 

“I’ve had some replies from their public affairs people from time to time. But the last time that I wrote to the chief executive, I demanded my money back, I said that I would hold him personally responsible.

“I said I would take legal action and he didn’t even reply to that letter, so they have now been sitting with my money in their bank for over a year.”

They have now been sitting with my money in their bank for over a year.

In a discussion with Nigel Farage, he continued: “What happened was when they finally kicked me out without explanation and I went to the ombudsman, they were worse than useless. They’re supposed to do their investigations within eight weeks.

“They didn’t bother, months passed, I complained to them and they apologised and offered me £75 which I refused and asked him just to get on with the job.

“But by the time they threw me out, they sent me a cheque, which by the time I could find anyone that would bank me had expired. So I went back to them with a copy of the cheque with all the details and I asked them if could they reissue it. I asked him to do that in April, I asked him again in June. 

“I followed your lead Nigel and put in a subject access request last week. Nothing has been replied to.”

He added that he tweeted about the case yesterday and the bank’s PR department got in touch.

“My tweet was the last of a 15-month complaint where I’ve been trying to get my money back from TSB and Robin Bullock, the chief exec, hasn’t even had the courtesy to respond,” he said.

Source: GB News


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