Conservative Party Members MUST have a say in choosing our new leader


Dear Reader, We need your help.

If you’re still a Conservative Party member, please sign our petition so your rights to choose our new leader are enshrined.

If 10,000 members sign our petition, we can force a National Convention on the subject and together we can make our voices heard.


Many of the Conservative ‘Wets’ have told us they want to stop you voting on important things like our new leader. Their rationale for this requires a contempt for democracy. Apparently it’s all our fault because we chose Liz Truss, and the MPs knew better.

Hang on! The MPs kicked out our democratically elected leader Boris. Then, out of a field of 360, they gave us the choice between Truss and Sunak. We do not know whether Liz Truss would have recovered; MPs and the blob didn’t give her the chance. But MPs then, in breach of the constitution and again with nearly 360 alternatives, unanimously selected Rishi Sunak with no membership approval whatsoever. The man has proven to be the most disastrous leader in our party’s history; yet most MPs let him carry on failing for almost two years.

So now let’s stand strong and make our voices heard. We are seeking to add a nomination requirement that leadership candidates have support from ordinary members at the start of the process, and also at the end for members to have the final say. 

Basically we are proposing 3 changes: (i) We have added an element of nomination to involve members in the form of association chairs, (ii) we have defined who runs the election involving representation of the party, and (iii) we are further enshrining member say on the leader.

Remember the good thing about the constitutional change process is that this draft might not be the final agreed version that is put to the vote. There is plenty of time to argue for exact changes, but we can only do that if we get 10,000 signatures to give us the opportunity to have the debate. At the moment, we fear Rishi and his friends will stitch up the rules with no debate whatsoever.

The following is our first draft put forward by the Conservative Post, the Patriot Club and PopCon:

Members please add your name to our petition:

We the undersigned demand that Schedule 2 of the Conservative Party Constitution be amended to incorporate the changes put forward by the Conservative Post, the Patriot Club and PopCon.

Conservative Party Members MUST have a say in choosing their new leader.

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  1. I stopped being a member when you lost the plot over COVID. Boris was right. Matt Hancock was wrong. You should never have got rid of Boris. That is when you lost me

    • Rachel now you have an opportunity of making a difference.
      Many of us and Mr Jenerick has said he’d love to have Boris Johnson back,even in to Parliament.
      If you come back?you’ll be helping us get Boris back and the prople; we all want back in and need.
      Rachel i was never a lover; of Matt Hancock ; however the more that sign the more we can get their together.
      My choice is to support this as best I can.
      Now you’ve got choices to make.
      I pray you make the rufht one;for the good of you,and this party.
      We all want to see Boris back in some shape or form.
      Think on that.
      Hope that helps.

    • If the ‘holier than thou’ party section had not generated an inspired witch hunt then the party would still be in power

    • I think the only way forward is to get Boris back and for those that stabbed him in the back realise that this is definitely the reason that a tool is now in charge of this country
      They behaved worse than teenagers and this party needs to weed out those that pushed Boris out and get rid of them
      You have to show togetherness,stick by one another to have any chance of running this country again

      • I couldn’t agree more.They don’t learn.They did it to Mrs Thatcher and given half the chance they will do it again. They forgot that they were there only because of Boris. That was the most blatant show of betrayal. They were like a lynch mob which has many heads but no brains. They were guilty of abandoning their leader and ganging up against his enemies like Starmer, Cummings and Blackford, subjected him to extreme humiliation of being judged by idiots like Harriet Harman and Chris Bryant and all that for what? Having a drink and a cake on his birthday and lying about it. Does anyone remember Tony Blair’s lies which cost thousands of innocent lives and shattered peace in the Middle East. His punishment ? Awarded a Knighthood.Except Nadine Dorries, Sir Edward Leigh who pleaded with them not to do it, Michael Fabricant, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Preeti Pateland Stuart Anderson the rest should be sacked and stripped of their membership . I am glad most of them have lost their seats except Mr Tughendaat who wanted Boris to go otherwise they will lose election. Well he had gone and I’d they win the election?!! A thankless person like him should never be given any powers again. They should realise that none of them have the charisma, style and magic of Boris to woo the public again and sooner they realise it the better.

  2. If you don’t let the members vote there no point in being a member no one voted for Sunak he lost just like Labour no one voted for brown they lost you only had to leave the echr and stop the boats you would still be in power the rest of the money busines would have gone away

  3. You replaced an elected leader with your own choices, not the one you wanted, so you ousted her for a WEF puppet. Didn’t do Brexit properly & removed Brexiteers from party. Flooded our cities and towns with unknowns because your too weak to stop the boats. Costing taxpayers £8m+ per day. Reform!!

  4. To late to stop the 1922 committee being formed. Two members of that committee are after Brady,s job. Backstabbers should not be allowed.

    • Now we didn’t vote for Sunak the UNELECTED!! We were stitched up.
      Now you can change that.
      WE HONESTLY NEED to be trying to correct;this.
      Allowing Claire and Co get to work in making changes what needs to be done to sort out nicely of course the UNELECTED
      If i couldbethrre tomorrow? i would.
      I believein this; psrtyand what. Is being done to this party.
      I no time,for unelected, no time for Labour.
      Belfast was a nightmare; having labour having themrun country!!- no way.
      We canstop the unelected. .

  5. We need to get back to proper conservative values otherwise we will never get back into power. We need to understand WHY so many conservative voters, voted for the REFORM PARTY. The left wing of the party needs to be eviscerated.

  6. Staring the obvious
    the MP’s need to remember who elected them and they need to listen to and respect our voice. always remembering to work together as a united team image of stronger together. the party not supporting Boris Johnson is where you begun to lose election.

  7. We need to get back to proper conservative values otherwise we will never get back into power. We need to understand WHY so many conservatives voted for the REFORM PARTY. The left wing of the party needs to be eviscerated.

    • Agree totally. I lent Reform my vote this time too.
      Whether I leave it with them for the next g.e. remains to be seen .(personally I think Tories on on ” self district mission”).

  8. The arrogance of those Conservative MPs who want to END members’ role in selecting their leaders. They are the fools who presented us with a choice between Truss and Sunak. Truss only got preferred because we wanted “anyone but Sunak.” Then we got Sunak. Penny might not have led us to victory, but would certainly have saved many good MPs their seats. There is someone who might well have actually won a historic next term and enjoyed his gold wallpaper: the leader brought down by MPs’ disgraceful and wrongheaded persecution of …Boris. Socialist media pulled wool over their eyes and deceived Sunak into believing it was his duty to destroy his leader. MEMBERS must lead these fallible MPs in future, much as the Unions lead Labour to power.

  9. The Parliamentary Party are solely responsible for the debacle on 4th July, Sunak was a hopeless PM. If members are denied a vote then there is no point in being a member!

  10. Good luck it’s a very sad time for what used to be Great Britain 😢😢😢🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  11. Members must be kept involved with choosing a new leader..we should also have more say before a leader is got rid of as the way Boris was removed is one of the main reasons members have left the Party..this must never happen again

  12. We have the chance to change,this problem.
    A lot of people; are horrified at Starmer getting in.
    PLEASE TIME to sign this petition.
    Do we want Sunaks lefties, like Mr Dowden and cronies, not me.
    We love this country,we want you ENSURE ALL MEMBERS get fair say,.
    Now we need you all to sign this.
    Time I s the essence HERE. TIME US URGENT.!
    Please do your but to keep UNELECTED OUT.we need to work hard; at this as Mr Starmer feels Luke dictator already.!! MR FARAGE not got a good feeling about him.
    Niw guts if you stand and care for this amazing Conservative Democrats teams and our country. Time to sign now before to late
    DONT LET lefties, TELL US WHAT TO DO.! Let’s Work together as Democrats and good Conservatives,to stand up to this serious problem of Labour.
    We can do it. We need Boris Johnson and Lord Frost back to help.
    I will be listening later on,with questions.

  13. The members record on choosing a party leader has not been satisfactory so I do not add my name to this partition

  14. If members had a say last time we would not be having the problem now should not have got rid of the man who won us a massive majority I am sure we would of been in power

  15. We should be able to choose who will lead the party not leave it to the useless ones who pit our latest in place and the previous and got rid of Boris.
    The Party will not survive if we carry on with the puppeteers !

  16. I think it is of the utmost importance that Conservative party membes are permitted to choose the party leader by way of a vote. Sunak was not chosen he was installed by those at the top
    at the top – and look how it has turned out!

    Boris Johnson was the best leader we had for years & he was thrown under a bus and for what?? Sunak
    – Look where that got us – LET MEMBERS VOTE

  17. I was annoyed by the removal of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss as our Prime Ministers, the latter replaced by the unelected Rishi Sunak who ultimately led the party into this disastrous early election. A large number of our MPs are out of step with party members. Brexit, our countryside and our way of living has been put in jepody.

  18. The members are important, we cancelled our membership the day that Boris resigned and have hated what has gone on since. Please let us get back to who we are and who the MPs should be.

  19. We need a true leader with real grit. We had on in Boris real Aristoucsty. My great grandmother was Josephine Mary Robley and my great Aunt was Anne Pitcairn Robley wife of Bonar Law. These are the people we need to unite the Conservative party not the professional politician clowns who have handed Starmer this victory. It is as sorry day for British politics

  20. We need another leader like MargaretThatcher, and I was hoping Liz Truss would have fitted the bill. Unfortunately, it was not to be, as she was forced out by the collaborative efforts of the liberal wets in the Party.
    Unless we beome a centre right party there is no hope. We need to appeal to those Conservative voters who have gone over to Reform.

  21. The 1922 committee must not be allowed to change the rules. Votes of no confidence must involve part members.

  22. We are a Democratic Party and every member should have a vote on who should be our future leader. We have now more than ever got to stand together if we are to stop our country being lost to us. FIRST AND FOREMOST NO MORE INFIGHTING AMONGST OURSELVES. We must remind people that years ago under a Labour government things were so bad we couldn’t bury our dead, the streets were piled with rubbish because of strikes and who was in power when we invaded Iraq without any democratic decision LABOUR.
    We must work harder than we have ever done before to regain the trust of the people and to prove our amazing country is definitely worth that fight.

  23. It is of the utmost importance that Conservative party members are allowed to take part in a vote to choose the next party leader. I was disgusted by the removal of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss as Prime Ministers, although Liz Truss was a problem, Boris was the best choice for PM, he led us to an 80 seat majority, yes he made mistakes but he wasn’t liked by the so called hierarchy who stabbed him the back to make way eventually for the useless Sunak , who has led us to a 290 seat minority, at the mercy of the Labour, for perhaps the next 10 years. The 1922 committee must not be allowed to change, or alter the rules in any way, we should be the ones that make that decision.

    • Totally agree. The disgraceful backstabbing of Boris will never be forgotten, and the denial of the Members Vote, enabling Brady and the 1922 Committee to thrust Sunak in as Leader was a also a massive disgrace. I feel the Party need their Members support badly, even more so at this frightening time with Starmer at the helm!!

  24. A criticism of reform from conservative grandees was “they are a plc with no members” if we cannot vote for yhe leader what is the point of membership?

    • I totally agree that we, the Members, should be given a vote.
      As it states in the introduction: “Hang on! The MPs kicked out our democratically elected leader Boris. Then, out of a field of 360, they gave us the choice between Truss and Sunak.”
      I feel sorry for Liz Truss as some of us did not vote for her, we voted for ‘anyone except Rishi Sunak’.
      I would also comment on your view, Paul, about Membership. These ‘Grandees’ do not understand the obvious: the 3rd item of the Conservative Party Constitution states “Membership of the Conservative Party is not compatible with Membership of or association with any other registered political party.” If the Grandees have said that Reform is a plc, not a Party, and that this plc has no Members, in my view they are saying that those Members of the Conservative Party, who might wish to, could help this plc with some funding. I helped my new Conservative Candidate (a first timer in a new Constituency) because he worked really hard for 10 months before the General Election, and had come to see me several weeks before Rishi’s (stupid) choice of the date of the General Election. I sent no money to any of the plethora of emails from past PMs, Leaders and Ministers. I did help my own Candidate and he won with a majority of 2,200 over Labour, despite Reform’s votes of nearly 9,000. I am delighted by and for by new MP.
      For me, the new Leader should not be a ‘Wet’ so I will be watching both Conservative and Reform. As a Chartered Accountant for 50 years, I was pleased that Jeremy Hunt has already said that he will not put himself forward as the new Leader. There are so many better of Conservative MPs who lost their jobs.

  25. This Petition needs to be sent out to all Conservative Party members to avert the disaster of allowing MPs to elect another Leader for reasons best known to themselves.

    Members have a very good instinct about the appeal and capability of each candidate. This is why we chose Boris, one of the most successful leaders of recent years, brought down by malicious colleagues colluding with the Labour activists in the media.

    Both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats trust their members to choose the Leader. It seems bizarre to me that any Conservative should wish the Party to become more undemocratic than our opponents by removing that role from its members.

    If we don’t get to choose the Leader of our Party, what’s the point of membership? The Tory MPs and grandees who wish to deprive us of our voting rights seem to forget that No Members means No Party.

  26. Only members should be allowed to select the leader, not the MPs. Only members should also be allowed to get rid of the leader too. MPs should put up and shut up.

  27. ….. my Husband and I – with the Electorate Voted for our Choice of Leader of the Party in 2919 giving a Majority of 83
    Boris was Ousted by the Press, Media and Disloyal Scheming members in Party over an Irrelevant Glass of Wine with bit of Cake!
    The Party Candidates seem to Forget who put them in Their Positions – the Choice of Leader – for Good or Bad was made by the Electorate … … if the Choice’s is Not Supported an Honoured – within the Party?…WHERE IS OUR DEMOCRATIC VOTE ??

  28. I cancelled my standing order after they excluded members from that stitched up leadership election and then put up the cost of being ignored as a member, but continue to support my local association.

  29. The Conservative Party has totally lost its way. They published a manifesto at the previous election, and then when in power, did the opposite with legal migration. Boris lied about “no border in the Irish Sea” You keep promising tax cuts while people want decent public services because you keep thinking that the electorate can be bribed with their own money. And central office appears to be run as a moral free zone by six-year-olds. And a majority of MPs are members of Friends of Israel who are happy to argue that killing 15000 children, bombing hospitals, health clinics, UN schools, and targeting health workers and journalists is “self defence”. Apparently these are war crimes when the Russians do them, but justifiable when Israeli money is involved. And don’t think that we did not notice that in the days before the election the Sunakers lodged an objection with the ICC denying its juristiction in Palestine. Kept that pretty quiet, didn’t they. We need policy debates that are meaningful among the members, or Reform will wipe the CP out entirely.

  30. Boris Johnson was hounded
    Out and sadly stabed in the back by some including Davies and Hunt. We need to think of a way to bring Boris Back ,as I truly feel he can help to rebuild our party. I disagree with one party members comments about Cameron being our leader, he was a remainder and I believe him to weak to be our leader.

    • I agree. Davies Hunt and May should be taken to task as well going against Boris who among other things nearly lost his own life in combating COVID.

  31. I think that Boris Johnson was treated disgracefully and undemocratically. He was the only elected PM and basically he was driven out not only by Sunak but by the socialist media. I cancelled my membership the day he left number 10 purely for that reason. I did not agree with all of his policies – Particularly the NetZero madness and he ignored immigration as if it didn’t exist but if he had still been in office I would have voted for him on the 4th July because I think, given a chance, he could’ve been a good prime minister if he had cleared the swamp surrounding him.

  32. I was very disappointed with what had just taken place. A lot of good MP’s Penny Mourdant for one who would have made a good leader were kicked out. All this wouldn’t have happened if our MP’s had kept their heads down and got on with the job they were elected for and not got involved in infighting and courted controversy. It is easy to say some sections of the media had it in for Boris but, unfortunately, he was the master of his own downfall for what he got up to during the covid lockdowns. If only he had headed his own advice and that went for Matt Hancock too that he gave to the public he wouldn’t have had to resign in disgrace. He led the party to a big majority only to lose the trust of the people a couple of years later and be reviled by the public. Then we had Liz Truss who I actually voted for. What a disaster that was! Then came Sunak with his five pledges one of them being to Stop the Boats. That was a non starter right from the word go! The only way you could realistically stop them would be to have British boots on the French beaches and that was never going to happen. The French police turning a blind eye didn’t help. Sunak’s tenure as PM was a disaster for the party as he was just too weak.Starmer generally kept all his MP’s in line and they didn’t seem to put a foot wrong and they were focused on this election and unfortunately they achieved the result they wanted.
    I expect that Maggie Thatcher would be turning in her grave if she could see the state of the party now. Somehow, the party needs to bring back Penny Mourdant and Grant Shapps as soon as possible as these are the calibre of MP’s that the party needs to confront Starmer. Maybe a memo to Sunak to vacate his seat to one of these ex MP’s. As for a leader, it should be the choice of the membership.

  33. Lost trust in the party when Boris went, thought it was unacceptable in the way he was ousted, no one cared who we as voters wanted. It’s clear they thought they knew better except they ruined it. It should be the members that decide. Too much in fighting not listening to members. For me the party is too weak.

  34. Why have a membership that is used as a cash cow with free workers. Then a majority of our representatives treat us with disrespect and do their own thing often I believe to suit lobbyists.
    So start at the lobbyist level and when selecting a potential conservative mp they have conservative attitudes and not such a “wide church” as is so often said in its defense of an unexplainable action. I have conservative views where have they gone in the party. Sort these out and if I think we have become conservative then I may rejoin.

  35. If it had been up to the majority of the members, the party would never have got rid of Boris. I decided to keep my membership of the Party but not to make any donations until Sunak was gone and that will continue until he steps down as leader.

  36. My opinion is getting rid was an absolutely massive mistake. If Boris had remained then the catastrophe with Liz Truss and Rushi wouldn’t have happened. All the people that say it was right to get rid of Boris are wrong! The benefit of hindsight tells you it was wrong to get rid of Boris. It just wasn’t cricket .

  37. Only my opinion but everyone involved in getting rid of Boris should be blamed for this catastrophe. Especially David Davies saying ” for God’s sake go!” Everyone that got rid of Boris should be expelled from the Tory party as enemies of the Tory party.

  38. The multi-decade in fighting dates back to Thatcher’s time and her switch of heart over Europe has to end.

    The Wets are slightly left-of-centre liberals, seem to make up a small majority of MPs, but a Wet leader is unelectable IMO.

    I suspect the majority of members are or at least were, right of centre. (ERG, Thatcherite..)

    The last 2 elections won were on policies fo the latter, Cameron promising a referendum, and Boris promising “to get Brexit done”

    The Coronation of May could not have been further from what the Public voted for, and Rishi and Hunt, though extremely competent as cabinet members do not represent what people voted for when electing Boris.

    This is 2 parties in one. Both hanging on for dear life to the brand and the subscriptions. This fear of going it alone will condemn the party to irrelevance, people have lost trust voting for one mandate and then having leadership switched out and getting something different to what they voted for. The party has lost integrity with the voters and were rightly rejected in the election.

    From here I can only see two ways forward:

    a) The membership reject the selection of Wet MP’s

    The right-of-centre membership leaves and joins Reform and leaves the the Wet conservatives to do battle with the Liberals in the election.

    I would prefer to see the former, Labour, Liberals and last conservative government are all squabbling over who owns the left of centre in Politics. The Voters and the country need choice. That Fargae can join and lead a party that is right of centre with a month’s notice and come third should tell us all we need to know.

  39. I hated tge way the traitors in the party , mostly remainers, allowed the stitch up of Boris. Enabled the leftwaffa and scummedia to carry out the witch-hunt never once defending him , allowing the lies of partygate and giving money to his mates for PPE contracts. Never once defending or talking out against the lies. When their ‘golden boy’ Sunak lost to Truss in the membership election they then did the same to her by enabling lies of unfunded tax cuts and destroying the economy to get her out of office.not willing to take a chance on another membership vote they installed the unelected and unelectable Sunak. The results of last week will see the conservatives in opposition for decades.

  40. Can you send me a confirmation that I have signed the petition and that you have received this message.
    It is not surprising the Conservatives lost the Election. It is a totally dysfuntional party and has been since Brexit. I am all for Brexit. However the Remainers were totally undemocratic and disloyal throughout and caused all this disarray. None of the present pro Brexit incumbants are suitable to lead the party they are hopeless and ineffectual. You must bring back either Lord Frost or Ben Wallace or someone with sincere gravitas and British to the core.
    Most Conservatives are fed up with such selfish, upwardly mobile, inexperienced MPs we are now left with, through their misdemeanours we have lost some good people.
    Thank goodness for our new MP Aphra Brandreth, i feel sorry for her to be thrown in with this unruly mob, but she will be a ray of sunshine.
    Yours sincerely,
    Judy Bromley Davenport

  41. I was disenfranchised twice by my own party. I am more than furious. And the leader hoisted on us by certain MPs and others and leading us to our worst result in memory hasn’t even the decency to stand down. Sunak must go. He was bad for the country and is very bad for the Conservatives.

  42. I was a member for many years but left when the back stabbing Sunak was choose as party leader. What a mistake and what a kick in the teeth for all the hard working party members. Boris was always the right man for the job.

  43. Successive conservative governments have let the British people down with failing to deliver a proper Brexit, allowing the demise of our armed forces and the debacle of immigration. We need a proper Conservative government with conservative values. Unfortunately I feel we have been infiltrated by liberals who have their own agenda. Is it any wonder the Reform party are on the rise and we are on life support?

  44. I have contacted the last 4 chairman, be ause of the way things are being run. I wrote to them several times, and not one has ever replied. They plead that they need money, but will never listen to us. I phoned members services, they said write in again and we will make sure it gets on the chairman’s desk. I did send in the letter, I phoned members services again, they said they gave it to the chairman, and then his voice changed, he said , but then he put it in the waste paper basket. These chairman are a total disgrace to the party, we are the only ones that can bring change. What would these clowns do if all members stopped paying. We need real help to save our party, before armagedan strikes.

  45. I’m so sorry to say this, but Reform appear more Conservative than we do! Speak to them. Have a look at their GE Contract. Also, please remember your grassroots members. We are here for a reason. Your ignorance has cost us our credibility. Yes, I’m angry!!!

  46. I am more sad than angry at ninety three I have lived through the life time of conservative support and after the destruction of Boris my heart was broken for the obvious reasons that we needed him and the fight to remove him was the most destructive thing that could happen in any party God Alone only knows where you will find a man with so much spirit and understanding of the people as this man I pray each day that the hand of God brings him back to lead us

  47. I think everything I feel, had been stated in previous comments. I deplore the way our democratically elected PM Boris Johnson was ejected by traitors to the people within the Conservative Party. Then, to cap it all paid up member were disrespected and sidelined without a bye or leave so Sunak could be installed in No 10.. little wonder then, that life long supporters voted the way they did..Did the Conservative Party really believe they could treat the electrode the way they did? The remainers wanted rid of Boris but the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit have shown the Party they will not stand for it..Get rid of the Civil Servants ruining the country with their leftie woke, agenda..Work for the country and the people and maybe just maybe a renewed, reformed Conservative Party might stand a chance. You lost the election on the influx of illegals flooding the country..and the ousting of Boris Johnson..Get it fixed or’ forget it!

  48. CCHQ has been highjacked by a bunch of pompous, left-wing, arrogant, self-righteous, incompetent, aloof, woke millenials straight out of uni. Compound this with a senior mangagement team who live in an ivory tower echo chamber, who long since should have been moved on! I have never dealt with such a disfunctional and utterly amateurish, inexperienced, inept idiots as this lot!

    [NB. John Hayward who runs the CPF is exempt]

  49. Well said George Crawford.Boris was the Best.
    But he was blamed for all and sundry.
    Starmer did more wrong with his Curry and Beer party
    And his bestie friend Sue Grey Lying for him.
    Boris was on crown Property Which was his home
    So really he did nothing wrong.How the 1922 Party can sleep I don’t know.

  50. I have been a Conservative voter for many a year and it was nigh impossible at the recent election to stop myself from voting for Reform but a life long habit proved to be too difficult to change, however I feel unless we restore Boris to his rightful place I like many others might be unable to resist the temptation to vote Reform. We need good patriotic men once more to lead the country as they did in the past and to restore England to its rightful place among the nations of the word. God save the King.

  51. At 79 I have been a member since Margaret Thatcher got elected. It was that era that I began to take notice of politics and began voting.
    That was when it was a CONSERVATIVE Party it has now morphed into a LibLab party full of wets
    The rot started at the time of leaving the EU that sorted out the Ladies and Men from the boys and girls and then became very obvious when the wets stabbed Boris in the back Then they stitched up Truss together with the BOE
    She did not cause interest rates to go up they were going up anyway
    Then Sunak started getting too friendly with Von de Lyen and we ended up with the Windsor arrangement half in half out
    The Party members must have the final say

  52. At 79 I have been a member since Margaret Thatcher got elected. It was that era that I began to take notice of politics and began voting.
    That was when it was a CONSERVATIVE Party it has now morphed into a LibLab party full of wets
    The rot started at the time of leaving the EU that sorted out the Ladies and Men from the boys and girls and then became very obvious when the wets got rid of Boris Then they stitched up Truss together with the BOE
    She did not cause interest rates to go up they were going up anyway
    Then Sunak started getting too friendly with Von de Lyen and we ended up with the Windsor arrangement half in half out
    The Party members must have the final say

  53. I hope and pray the Conservative Party will have enough sense to ensure Boris is not only returned to Parliament in a by election and shortly after made leader of the Party, that would frighten the Labour Party and give hope back to the nation. Sadly I fear the party having got rid of two of their best ever leaders, Boris and Liz, they do not know great leaders when they have them.

  54. You should have never ousted Boris. He was the best since Margaret Thatcher. We need a say in who you appoint as leader

  55. Please remember that members elected both Boris Johnson and Liz Truss to be leaders and PMs but MPs removed them and replaced with their own nominee Mr Sunak. The reasons for Mr Johnson’s removal were spurious being led by the likes of the media, Dominic Cummings, Michael Gove and a host of Remainers that would not accept the vote of the people to leave the EU. No one is perfect but Mr Johnson’s character enabled him to lead, communicate and form close relationships with leaders within foreign powers. Internal in-fighting has led to the dismal results of the last election and the loss of the large majority of 80. A period in opposition is a golden opportunity for intense navel gazing so that in four years time the party could be fit to govern again. The country is in a very poor state, the reasons and results being well known but the most serious has to be influx of Muslims many of whom have no interest in accepting our religions and culture. Their practices are quite medieval. I would be most surprised if the current Labour government will even attempt to produce a solution.

  56. I am a member and did not vote Conservative due to what they did to Boris. The media and wets claim they lost “because of Boris”, but those saying this were not the people that voted for him.

  57. As a party member and District Councillor in Derbyshire I believe each Conservative Party members vote should be given the same power. I do not agree with the system of allowing MP’s to select the last 2 choices this is a total disaster. All members should be involved in the whittling down process as well as the final choice. This is particularly important todays as many of the remaining 120 MP’s are complicit in the downfall. These include what I would describe as the untouchables. These are MP’s who have been in their seat for years and years and gain some sort of extra power of the inner workings of the Party. Along with this there are non Conservative MP’s who have been selected for safe seats selected by a process which is fundamentally flawed. Please give power back to real Conservatives who are the members. The selection of candidates needs to be given back to local constituency’s and taken aways from the Candidates Office which run by Gareth Fox.

  58. When members vote for a leader. Back benchers have NO right to out that person. Thats what happened to a great leader Boris.

  59. I fully agree and Boris not only had a mandate from us he had a mandate from the Country. Getting rid of Boris was the biggest mistake in the history of The Conservative Party. When Boris had his difficulties with Covid the Party should have helped him and stuck by him but there were a large minority in the Party who just decided to undermine him and do Labours work.

  60. We need a leader who will unite the party and brings back the true Conservative values which have been sadly lacking. So much infighting whilst ignoring the Mandate Conservatives were voted in on in 2019. With a huge 80 seat majority so many of the promises that could have been pushed through were ignored in their quest to get rid of Boris. That’s done now so we HAVE to get back to having a leader who will carry out the wishes of their electorate. Immigration being a priority, low taxes, Defence etc. Labour are already making a pigs ear of being in power so we MUST show that Conservatives in power is far better for the Country.

  61. It is a great pity that none of the most capable members of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees and Liz Truss, are no longer MPs and therefore I despair that we will find a capable person to leader among those left. I think therefore we must look to the Reform Party to provide a leader and two names leap out Nigel Farage and Lee Anderson as being men who will bring back the millions to the party as well as those who have supported other parties at the latest election.

  62. I am very interested to see the support for Boris, who undoubtedly was ousted following a witchhunt by his own party, it’s difficult to believe his downfall was brought about by Cummings, Gove – a real snake, and the ghastly elite luvie wets.
    His time in office was marred by the Covid pandemic and the evil Russian war on Ukraine. He was also a very sick man for some months. I would really like to see him comeback, but also I would love to see Jacob Rees Mogg elevated to the Lords and be brought back as potential leader of the Conservatives. He is educated, intelligent, loyal and oh so full of common sense. Exquisitely polite and a brilliant debater. Would be a perfect leader if only as an interim.
    I think uncontrolled immigration has led to most problems – housing shortage, education places, NHS waiting list etc, but also fracturing our cultural society.
    Starmer & Reeves are on their way to reverse anything that has been achieved over the last four years, and sadly they could be in power for a long time.
    Let’s get our votes back!

  63. It’s mind boggling how the parliamentary party could usurp power from party membership to install a candidate so unpopular among members as prime minister and further allow him to steamroll the party into the political abyss. Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt, with the parliamentary party as their cheerleaders, got us into this dark hole. The two could not wait for their chance to lead the party. They plotted to oust the leader with a clear mandate, Boris Johnson, and never respected or gave chance to Liz Truss chosen by the members. The vultures were circling and ready to devour whoever the members choose until the parliamentary party was in full control of the party. A clear case of the trail wagging the dog! The membership, the real owners of the party, became very angry with elected members for betraying their trust. Now Sunak has resigned as party leader and Hunt has ruled himself out of party leadership race. A political comeback is possible. But before then, something must move to ensure that the rightful place of the membership is restored. Members know what must happen.

  64. Starmer a fraud. The way Borris shot him down in flames. The Saville episode. Starmer attempted to delegate responsibility. As a head of the C.P.S. he can only delegate duty. As the Irish say,
    (Borris is the Boyo}. I voted all my Life. I wouldn’t pay Starmer in Rusty Washers. He’s a disgrace to Have the name Keir. Please refer to What John tells us in 19/23

  65. Associations should manage membership with objective of collecting votes before money as before, Westminster central control rather than co- ordination an error. said so at time as chair of association but over ridden

  66. Thanks to those who have set up this wonderful site but why is it not run by Conservative HQ? Leads me to believe the Party I have followed for over sixty years has been taken over by wets, socialists and liberals. What we need is a true return to basics and the things that made our country great and the envy of the world. First of all we must see an end to imposition of “tolerance” and by that I mean being forced to tolerate such abominations as so called gays and homosexuality must once more be made a criminal offence, next we must bring back hanging for murder and other serious crimes and then we must allow corporal punishment in prisons and schools after all the generations that fought in two world wars were subject to canings and it did them the power of good. We must bring back the respect for the monarchy which has declined recently due in part to the fact most schools no longer hang a portrait of the King and making such a practice mandatory would help the country no end. I am no racist, far from it some of my good friends come from other lots, but we must end the racial equality business since no man black, white or other needs a body to defend his interests and I know such laws only aid the feckless who use them to harass their employers.

  67. Unless the Conservative Party change their ways and listen to the members I shall not be renewing my membership. The way you treated Boris and Liz Truss was unacceptable, you had a landslide victory winning the election with Boris but you threw it all away!!! So do me and the rest of the members and LISTEN To US the VOTERS!!!!

  68. Rishi Sunak was trying to lead the party in the right direction but it should have append a lot sooner if the party was hoping to win the election

  69. I was also a member for 5 yrs, and voted in Liz Truss, I did not vote in Richi Sunak, thats the day I canceled my membership.
    A very sad day for us true conservitives after the land slide victory handed to labour.
    Only time will tell what his expanded tax plans and cuts will be.
    A new French goverment has to make cuts of 15 Billion Euro a year to meet EU fiscuel rules.
    So glad we are out of the EU thanks to Boris. What ever happens next Boris needs to be involved behind the scenes.

  70. I found this example of the best in Britain a few days ago and I mightily heartened with all that is written here. It is beholden to those of us with the determination, guts and strength to join the party and steer it towards a prosperous and patriotic future for if we do not the Bolsheviks now in power will end what few freedoms we have left. I never thought I would live to see an England where taking cannabis is excused as being recreational while a truly decent recreational activity such as fox hunting is banned and the possession of guns is all but barred. The Conservative manifesto had at least one good idea and that was a return to National Service but spoilt the suggestion by allowing youths to do voluntary work. There is nothing better for the youth of any generation than learning to march in step, salute and how to fire guns, those of us who have served know these facts to be true.

  71. I am in total agreement regarding the treatment of Boris. The poor man almost lost his life to covid and his fellow MPs stabbed him in the back in a most appalling way. In Boris we had a real people person someone who could get along with folks from all walks of life. I hope all those responsible for his demise can sleep well at night knowing they have destroyed the Conservative Party. I voted for Liz Truss based on her excellent work in the new trade she garnished in her time before suceeding Boris as leader. Sunak would never have won the Members vote. Those who have destroyed the party must not be allowed to shut out Members when a new leader is voted for.

  72. From A socialist family upbringing dating back to Jimmy Maxton the first socialist member from Scotland to the uk parliament in London the Conservative Party meet all my desires for my uk citizenship and country

  73. As a long term Conservative voter it is difficult for me to relate to the currant leaders of the Party they are all too left wing and not distinguishable from what I know as socialist and unless they elect a man or woman to be their new leader, who has the nation’s welfare at heart, I like many other will vote for Reform and Mr Farage a man with the decency and honesty of his hero across the Atlantic Donald Trump. When we have leaders with the ability of Mr Trump – Margaret Thatcher, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss why oh why did the Conservative Parliamentary Party get rid of them? My view is they were infiltrated by evil men who cannot accept radical changes are necessary, it is all very well to privatise industries but while the state has a near monopoly on health we can never have a truly conservative Government whatever they call themselves. The current NHS costs too much and we cannot go on affording it and as in America the private sector could run it more efficiently.

  74. We are where we are. I supported Boris Johnson but it unwise to dwell on his removal. New policies and a commitment to distinct Conservative policies plus the membership having a say in the leadership is fair, right, and totally logical logical.

  75. I also want to see a proper dialogue opened with Nigel Farage and Reform. There is little difference between the two parties and we both agree that Reform came into existence due to total dissatisfaction with the situation we are opposing now. We cannot win a G. E. while we are divided and if we persist in division the split will present Labour with power for the foreseeable future.

  76. I do not like the sound of my “comment awaiting moderation”? We are in the present situation precisely because too many of our comments awaited moderation and I don’t want to leave that situation, only to allow myself back into the same territory, but by another name.

  77. I must say I am happy to see that many people are expressing the same views as I hold. The next Conservative Government, if it is conservative, must take a firm grip upon the country and stop immigration but start a policy espoused by the late great Enoch Powell and that is repatriation of people whether they are citizens or not who do not owe loyalty to this country and spend their time criticising the finest country that has ever existed while living off all the benefits that they can get. Capital punishment too must be a priority which would not only deter murder but also if applied liberally help with overcrowding in prisons about which I have heard today. Another way to reduce public expenditure is to close universities selling dodgy degrees which waste time and money. We must lower the age of school leaving thereby saving the expenses largely wasted on schools, after all what do most children need to learn apart from writing and basic arithmetic? In fact a lot of the problems with youth is they are taught too much about their rights and not enough about their responsibilities.

  78. I’m no fan of Conservative Home and its wet editor, but a few recent articles by John Strafford and others have shed much light on this subject. It’s well worth a read. the way it worked in the past worked well until Cameron changed it and invented CCHQ, which imposed candidates.

    1. The associations decided who was thier candidate for a seat.
    2. They could remove their MP if they needed to (I don’t remember this, but apparently it’s true).
    3. The parliamentary party decided who became leader.

    This worked well, because the associations made sure the MPs were in tuine with conservative values, so the assocs/members didn’t need to worry about that. The leader had to command the support of MPs, so it was best that the membership didn’t impose someone who didn’t fit that bill.

    Overall, the associations used to be described as “600 social clubs that occasinally dabbled in politics”. By not being the boring politics-heavy variety you get with socialism, the membership was broad.

    This worked well in the past and should be the basis for a new model. Oh – and do away with the 15% to trigger a vote on leader. That just makes it easy for trouble-makers to stir the pot since any vote immediately weakens a leader. The threshold should be something like “50% + 1”.

  79. On the above basis (my earlier comment), the letter misses a few tricks.

    One thing is what happens if there’s more than one candidate, but one drops ouot at the membership vote stage. This has led to “coronations” in the past – with more than a whiff of skulduggery in the air (e.g. Leadsome standing aside for May, on a very small issue which didn’t damage her career so that she could emerge later as leader of the HoC – obvious “cunning plan” they cooked up between them).

    IF you’re going to have membership votes (and I advocated above for a return to the system where they don’t need it) – then the rules should say that there must be 2 candidates put forward.

  80. Having suffered a great loss of seats in the Commons we can now rebuild politics on the right by getting rid of the wishy washy lot who see being the centre of politics a virtue and replace them with men of character who have principals and policies suited to the hard times in which we live. We can do that by reducing state subsidies and make people pay for what they get and have no free riders. In the past when England was the envy of the whole world we did not have pensions for the elderly, free medical treatment and child allowances but we had the much maligned workhouses which fed people but not give them pensions or unemployment money to spend on alcohol instead they got good nourishing food, care and accommodation suited to their needs.

  81. To win at the next election the Conservative Party must become more inclusive to other groups on the right of politics and by that I do not mean just Reform but other right wing parties such as UKIP, its president and former leader is Neil Hamilton who served as a distinguished Conservative MP before Labour and Liberals ganged up on him and he was beaten by an Independent candidate. Later Mr Hamilton served as member of the Welsh Assembly where he was very active although the left wingers in that Assembly did not appreciate his brilliant mind. There would also be merit in seeking support from the British National Party which has proved itself a patriotic Party.

  82. Grab every middle to right vote from all parties you can
    Install a charismatic very strong voiced person not too old even a CEO?
    Someone who can destroy slimey starmer especially at Q and A so the public will see what a huge mistake has been made
    And who ever this will be to make sure they are willing to travel to constituents on a regular basis

  83. Now that the number of MP has been reduce, I for one do not want the few MP to make the decision of who our new Leader will be.

  84. We on the right must unite otherwise what happened at the last election and to Marine Le Pen in her attempt to save France will be repeated until there is not enough of England or France worth saving from the combined forces of Socialism other and alien dogmas. We need have a leader with the resolve and vision of Donald Trump but we had one in the person of Liz Truss she was discarded before the beneficial affects of her polices were allowed to grow to fruition and make this country once again the envy of the world.


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