Here at the Conservative Post we’re a year old today and would like to thank all our readers for their support.

What started as a small online newspaper to help “pump some positive press back into Britain” a year ago has grown from strength to strength with 2565 positive British news stories now published.

We now have 30,000 monthly readers on our website and nearly 300,000 people read our articles every month across our social media platforms.

What a joy it was to discover today too that our birthday falls on Battle of Britain Day!

We’ve received thousands of emails and messages over the last twelve months – some of which have brought tears of happiness to our eyes. People are craving good news and we are delighted to bring it to you.

We’re more convinced than ever most people in this country want to protect conservative values – free speech, free markets, free people, small state and they want to stand up for Britain. We love publishing all the good news… the news most other national papers and the BBC seem to ignore or twist. So if you’re reading this thank you so much for your support and please stick with us.

Thank you too to all our contributors and the many people who have lent a hand over the last year – Chris Bullivant, Mike Rouse, Alex Phillips, Sajid Javid, Stephen Bailey, William Hollowell, Joshua Godfrey, Aled Evans, Eddie Shah, Dave Varney, James Yucel, Donal Blaney, Douglas Murray, Matthew Elliott, Douglas Carswell, Calvin Robinson, Nigel Farrage, Dr David Bull, Mahyar Tousi and Newt Gingrich.

Here’s to the next twelve months and all the positive news stories yet to be written about this great country of ours.

To borrow the RAF’s motto: Per Ardua Ad Astra!

Claire Bullivant


Thank you Renshaw for the amazing cake. Renshaw are a great British company established in 1898 so if you’re into baking please show them your support. #BuyBritish


  1. Dear Editor, I would like to register my delight in being the father of a fellow entrepreneur who, I believe, will influence the future of the British publishing industry more than any other woman I’m aware of. Congratulations on ‘your’ first anniversary Claire, I’m very proud of you. Christopher Bullivant Senior.


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