Here at the Conservative Post we’re two years old today and we would like to thank all our readers for their support.

What started as a small online newspaper to help “pump some positive press back into Britain” two years ago has grown from strength to strength with 5191 positive British news stories now published.

Last month we had over 200,000 readers on our website and we get over 3 million impressions every month across our social media platforms.

What a joy it is that our birthday falls on Battle of Britain Day too!

We’ve received thousands of emails and messages over the last twelve months – some of which have brought tears of happiness to our eyes. Even though as a nation we are currently mourning the loss of our beloved Queen Elizabeth, we have seen how in normal times people are craving good news and we are delighted to bring it to you.

We’re more convinced than ever most people in this country want to protect conservative values – free speech, free markets, free people, small state and they want to stand up for Britain. We love publishing all the good news… the news most other national papers and the BBC seem to ignore or twist. So if you’re reading this thank you so much for your support and please stick with us. We have big plans coming in the year ahead.

Thank you too to all our contributors and the many people who have lent a hand over the last year. Special mentions go to Chris Bullivant, Mike Rouse, Stephen Bailey, Lord Cruddas, David Campbell Bannerman, Alex Story, Roger Gorman, Aman Bhogal, Stephen James, Andrew Hanaton, Steven Barrett, Joy, Lia and Nadine. Thank you too to all the wonderful people who helped with our Boris Ballot. Special mentions to the Telegraph, Express, Daily Mail, GB News, Talk TV, Mahyar Tousi, Michael Heaver and Guido Fawkes who provided such great coverage. Thank you too to the amazing volunteers who filled in the databases, those who signed, and all the brilliant people on social media who promoted our cause and continue to back conservative values. Thank you.

Here’s to the next twelve months and all the positive news stories yet to be written about this great country of ours.

To borrow the RAF’s motto: Per Ardua Ad Astra and Long Live the King!

Claire Bullivant

Founder and Editor


  1. I was born in Malaya when it was a British protectorate and now live and work in the UK as a Solicitor and British Citizen. I qualified here as a Barrister in 1968.
    I have lived here now since 1979.
    I have many stories of British cultural mores and its positive impact on me and the commonwealth.
    Is there sine way I can share this on your pages?

    Christopher Lai

  2. Thank you so much for your enlightening post Claire It is very interesting to know the background of Conservative Post and I have appreciated getting the real story with no fake news As you say it is good news you give us We would not usually hear about these achievements by the government ‘They’ only want to give the negative news
    I will continue to enjoy reading your posts
    Many thanks and kindest regards


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