Consultants and junior doctors need to accept pay offers, says children’s minister


Consultants get £128,000 on average already said Claire Coutinho.

A Government minister has urged doctors to drop their plans to go on strike and follow others in the NHS who have settled pay disputes.

Claire Coutinho, Minister for Children Families & Wellbeing, was commenting on planned strikes by consultants and junior doctors.

She told GB News: “I’m glad to say that six out of the seven health unions have now accepted their pay offers. I saw yesterday that the nurses have decided not to strike again. And they’ve accepted the increases that we’ve put in place and I hope the others follow suit.

“I think it’s really important that patients are getting the healthcare that they need. We know that this is a time of waiting lists.

“We know that there are people who need to get their appointments and their surgeries and I hope that they can also follow suit with the other major health unions. Like I said six out of seven have now agreed with us and accepted the offer.”

“I mean, on average they earn about £128,000 pounds and we’ve just changed their pensions to make those more generous.”

In a discussion during Breakfast with Eamonn Holmes, she continued: “Almost every other single health union has now accepted the pay offer. And I hope we get there with the consultants as well.

“I mean, on average they earn about £128,000 pounds and we’ve just changed their pensions to make those more generous. That was the number one ask that we had from the BMA.

“So I hope that the strikes won’t go ahead and we’ll get to the same agreement that we’ve had with the other health unions.”

Asked about the possible collapse of Thames Water, she responded: “People are really worried about the leaks and actually it was our government that put in place that additional monitoring that is now here. I think we used to monitor something like 7% of leaks, and now we’re monitoring close to 90% of leaks.

“It’s really important that we do that because now we’ve shown that there’s an issue and we’re asking water companies to put forward investment plans so we can solve that problem.”

Source: GB News


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