Dowden details Government’s plans to increase deportation of foreign offenders  


EXCLUSIVE: Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Oliver Dowden, details the Government’s plans to increase deportation of foreign offenders.

‘There is a recognition now that Albania is a safe country, which should make it much, much easier to start deporting Albanians again.’

Oliver Dowden has outlined the Government’s plans for deporting foreign offenders.

Speaking to GB News today (Sunday), Oliver Dowden said: “The landmark agreement the Prime Minister has made with the Albanian Prime Minister means there is a recognition now that Albania is essentially a safe country, which should make it much, much easier for us to start deporting Albanians.

“We also hope that we’ll make progress with the high court decision tomorrow in relation to Rwanda. So we are taking actions across the board in relation to that.”

Mr Dowden also commenced on recent reports that showed 55 percent of applications for asylum by Albanians received a positive outcome from the British government. He continued: “I think this has arisen because the courts have not been treating the Albanian cases in the correct way. 

“And I think we’ve had helpful progress through the discussions between the Albanian Prime Minister and our Prime Minister, and indeed at other levels, clarifying the status of Albania. 

“Albania is a member  of NATO, and it’s aspiring to join the European Union. For the vast majority of people, it should be safe for them to be deported to Albania. And we’ve got the kind of assurances which will hopefully ensure that those determinations go the right way. And those people can actually go back to Albania, which I think is what your viewers would expect. 

“And it has been regrettable that over the past year or so there’s been a big spike in the number of Albanians coming across on that route. Hopefully, these measures will take that number back down again.

The Modern Slavery Act is often used as the basis for applications, which was created in 2015 by the Theresa May Conservative government. 

Dowden said: “I’d say two things. First of all, in relation to Albania, I do hope that the further agreement we’ve made will mean that in relation to Albania, we have fewer of those cases but you’re right to raise the case of modern slavery. 

“I don’t think it was a mistake to introduce it. And it was a campaign, if you remember by Frank Field and one embraced by Theresa May, and of course, we need to stand up to modern slavery. 

“However, I do think that some of the principles have been open to abuse. And I think you’ll see in the legislation that comes forward next year that we will address some of those abuses to make sure that we can make sure that people are returned. In many cases where they’re not at the moment.

Immigration remains a sensitive subject for many, and in the lead up to the next general election it can be divisive. But Dowden said he doesn’t fear the impact on the Conservatives chances for the next election.  

He said: “Our first duty is to the country to make sure that we deal with the problems facing it. And it is simply unsustainable to have the kind of growth that we’ve seen in cross-channel movement. 

“It’s gone through a very, very small number, to up to 44,000 this year. If it continues on this trajectory, numbers are going to get worse and worse. And that’s why, since the Prime Minister came into office, literally I know that pretty much the second day in office, he was on the case getting into the details of this. 

“We have to get those numbers down. And the wider politics reflects people’s frustration. Now we can deal with that. The reason for dealing with that is because it’s the right thing to do if we succeed in dealing with it. 

“Hopefully the voters will also recognise the steps that we’re taking and alongside restoring stability to the economy and gripping the NHS. Those are the three big priorities of the Prime Minister going into next year.”

Source: GB News


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