Downing Street adorned with children’s sunflower drawings in support of Ukraine

Sunflowers drawn by school children displayed on the windows of 10 Downing Street. Picture by Alice Hodgson / No 10 Downing Street

Pictures of sunflowers drawn by school children from across the United Kingdom are displayed on the windows of 10 Downing Street this evening.

The sunflower has emerged as an emblem of support for Ukraine amid the ongoing conflict with Russia, with people wearing or carrying the flower as a way to draw attention to the plight of Ukrainians.

As the national flower of Ukraine, the sunflower has emerged as a symbol of support and resistance.

Social media posts featuring a sunflower emoji have also become prolific as a way of people showing their support online.

Picture by Alice Hodgson / No 10 Downing Street.

Last week across international news, the sunflower as a symbol of resistance came to wider public attention when a video of a Ukrainian woman confronting a Russian soldier went viral.

The woman can be seen in the video asking the soldiers “Who are you?” to which a soldier standing in the street says: “We have exercises here. Please go this way.”

The Ukrainian woman then tells the Russian soldier to put sunflower seeds in his pockets.

In the poignant video shared over two million times on social media she says:

“Put sunflower seeds in your pocket so they grow when you die.”


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