Ex-Ukraine president thanks Boris and the British people for helping to ‘save the world’


Ukraine’s former president Petro Poroshenko has praised Britain for its support and appealed for other countries to help “save the world.”

Asked about the country’s independence day, he said: “Ukraine maybe pays the highest price in the world for our independence.

“We are moving ahead and protecting not only our sovereignty, but not only territorial integrity, but also their freedom and democracy.

“To be absolutely clear, this is a war not only against us, this a war against the whole western world, against all western values.

“I very much appreciate the unique transatlantic unity which our partners have demonstrated and first of all, I want to thank and recognise the great leadership of your Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and of the US president Joe Biden.

“I can call them as my real friends and real friends of Ukraine

“And with that situation, I think that we definitely demonstrated the great surprise for Putin and great surprise for the world by stopping the Russian troops, by changing the game and by returning back Putin to Russia from Ukraine.”

Mr Poroshenko, speaking to Arlene Foster on GB News, added: “First of all, I want to thank all the British people who absolutely, uniquely support Ukraine and Ukraine is proud of this support.

“This goes beyond a partisan approach, with this situation I think there’s a significant part in our future victory that will have been played by the United Kingdom.

“I have no doubt that the next Prime Minister, despite the fact that they say that you’ve already almost known the future candidate, I know her and we keep our fingers crossed.

“Without any doubt any next Prime Minister would be together with Ukraine, because the United Kingdom is a democracy and the will of the people is absolutely decisive.

And we demonstrate in Ukraine that Ukraine is united and all politicians are united to protect Ukraine and all people from Great Britain are united.

“Ukraine, with that situation – I’m quite optimistic.”

Asked about the energy crisis, he said: “Definitely, the energy crisis is important, because of the fact that Putin is using the energy as a weapon against the whole free world… but please remember our participation in protecting the world from Putin and his aggression.

“This is the top priority, the real danger in the world is Putinism and that’s why we need to de-Putinise Europe, de-Putinise Russia to save the world, please consider that.

“If you do not stop Putin in Ukraine, you will not stop him in Poland and the Baltic states, who knows, maybe tomorrow in Alaska.

“Please help us to save the world – help us to help you.”

Source: GB News


  1. it was foolish of the west to rely on russian energy our previous politicians have let the UK down history has shown us for decades the Soviet mentality.russia will never ba democratic country.as long as people like Putin are in power..I’m sure the majority of the russian people would welcome the values of living in a free word..the west is not without there faults but I’m convinced they are the best option for a civilized world…….


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