The Irish Guards have performed the first King’s Guard at Buckingham Palace in 70 years.

The Parade was led by the Band of the Irish Guards and took over from 7 Company Coldstream Guards.

Changing the Guard is a formal ceremony in which the group of soldiers currently protecting Buckingham Palace are replaced by a new group of soldiers.

Elite soldiers have guarded the King or Queen since the reign of Henry VII who made the Royal Body Guard a permanent institution which has spanned over 520 years of history.

LSgt Shane DP Galvin (Household Division Media) – UK MOD © Crown copyright 2022

The Changing the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace follows a traditional format that is the basis for guard changing ceremonies which take place at other Palaces and Royal Residences. 

The Old Guard (the soldiers currently on duty) form up in front of the palace and are relieved by the New Guard which arrives from Wellington Barracks. The New Guard is accompanied by a Band. The ceremony represents a formal handover of responsibilities. 

The Guard at Buckingham Palace is typically provided by one of the five Foot Guards Regiments of the Household Division, identified by the number of buttons on their distinctive tunics and the plume in their bearskin caps. 

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