Foreign Secretary to urge G7 partners to hold firm and step up support for Ukraine 

Foreign Secretary David Cameron. Picture by Ben Dance / FCDO. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Deed

The Foreign Secretary, David Cameron is travelling to the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Italy today to urge his counterparts to keep up the pressure on Putin as he continues to wage his illegal war with Ukraine. 

The Foreign Secretary will reiterate to the G7 the UK’s commitment to Israel’s security and discuss with his counterparts how to de-escalate regional tensions.  

The Foreign Secretary will make clear that partners in Europe and the G7 must spend more, produce more and deliver more to ensure that Ukraine can secure the victory that it deserves. He will call on G7 partners to work together to agree a clear and ambitious way forward to use sanctioned Russian assets to support Ukraine. This builds on messaging delivered at the NATO Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Brussels earlier this month. 

The G7 has collectively sanctioned close to $300 billion of Russian assets. Without sanctions, it is estimated that Russia would have over $400 billion to finance its war, enough to fund Putin’s invasion for another 4 years.  

The Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, said:  

Ukraine has our unequivocal support until it is victorious and achieves a just peace.  It is vital that we agree a way forward to use sanctioned Russian assets to support Ukraine and ensure Russia pays for the destruction it has wreaked. 

The Foreign Secretary will continue to call for the G7 to pilot more ambitious efforts to undermine Russia’s defence industrial complex, including by pushing third countries to counter attempts to circumvent sanctions. He will urge partners to be prepared to act against those who help Russia to supply its war machine.  

Responding to Iran’s failed and dangerous attack on Israel over the weekend, Mr Cameron and his counterparts will continue to call for restraint, asking those involved to consider the devastating consequences of an escalation in the conflict. The Foreign Secretary will campaign for coordinated sanctions against Iran, ensuring the G7 shows a united front against Iran’s malign activity in the region. The Foreign Secretary and the rest of the G7 will continue to work with allies in Europe and across the Middle East to stop the fighting in Gaza, pushing for an immediate pause to get aid in and hostages out, so there can be progress towards a sustainable, permanent ceasefire.  

Meetings will also cover a range of other priorities around the world, including a more assertive China, reform of financial systems and irregular migration. 

The G7 represents around 50% of global GDP and its shared economic strength is helping to make the world a fairer, more stable and prosperous place. Discussions will look into reforms to the international financial system, investment in developing nations and new partnerships that work towards conflict resolution and resilience to global challenges – particularly climate change. The G7 will further strengthen ties with nations in Africa at the meeting, promoting economic prosperity on the continent through trade and unlocking private sector cash to support their green transition – a campaign which is in everyone’s interest.  

Irregular migration, propped up by transnational organised crime groups, actively stands in the way of the G7’s efforts to encourage international prosperity. The Foreign Secretary will encourage his G7 counterparts to prioritise international engagement to tackle illegal migration at its root causes, so we can reduce irregular and dangerous journeys, protect lives and create growth.

Source: Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and The Rt Hon Lord Cameron


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