Foreign Secretary visits Mexico in drive to deepen ties with the world’s fastest growing economies

"These brave people have been defending rights and freedoms of women in Afghanistan" - Foreign Secretary Liz Truss. Picture by Tim Hammond / No 10 Downing Street

The Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is to visit Mexico today as she seeks to boost Britain’s economic and diplomatic partnerships in the country, and the wider region.

Truss will travel directly from the UN General Assembly in New York to Mexico City to boost UK trade and investment in Mexico, due to be the world’s 7th biggest economy by 2050.

During her visit the Foreign Secretary is due to talk to her Mexican counterpart, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

The Foreign Secretary said:

Closer ties with Mexico are a key part of our plan to strengthen economic, security and diplomatic links with like-minded allies who share our belief in free enterprise and free trade.

A trade deal with Mexico, for example, will pave the way for us to join the CPTTP, one of the world’s biggest free trade areas.

Our relationship with Mexico has huge potential. It could open vast new opportunities for businesses, support jobs across Britain, and help ensure we play a key role in an open and dynamic Indo-Pacific.

She will formally open the new British Embassy building in Mexico City, after the previous one was damaged in the 2017 earthquake. She will also attend a dinner with celebrity British-Mexican chef Fernando Stovell, who has held three Michelin stars and cooked for HM The Queen.

The Foreign Secretary will call for Mexico’s continued support for Britain’s accession into the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and discuss plans to develop a new, updated UK-Mexico free trade agreement, which Truss sees as a key part of Britain’s tilt towards the Indo-Pacific and the creation of stronger economic ties between countries who believe in rules-based free trade.

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