“Friends like Boris Johnson are worth more than a squadron of tanks” states Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence


‘I’ll be a foot solider, a spear carrier… I’ll do whatever I can to help Ukraine’ Boris Johnson tells Zelensky.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has received a very warm welcome in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Mr Johnson visited the outskirts of the city yesterday (Sunday) before being received by Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The former PM said it was a “privilege” to visit the country as he met up with President Zelensky and other Ukrainian ministers in Kyiv saying: “I’ll be a foot solider, a spear carrier… I’ll do whatever I can to help.”

President Zelensky wrote on Telegram:

“I welcome Boris Johnson, a true friend of Ukraine, to Kyiv. Boris thanks for your support!”

This was followed on Monday with the Ukrainian MOD tweeting a photo of Boris Johnson with the words:

“Friends like these are worth more than a squadron of tanks. We are glad to welcome Boris Johnson to Ukraine. A person who has been with the Ukrainian people since day one.”

Boris also visited the towns of Bucha and Borodyanka, to the north-west of Kyiv, which were occupied by Russian forces in March last year.

Mr Johnson said “the suffering of the people of Ukraine has gone on for too long”.

“The only way to end this war is for Ukraine to win – and to win as fast as possible,” the former PM said. He continued:

“This is the moment to double down, and to give the Ukrainians all the tools they need to finish the job.

“The sooner Putin fails, the better for Ukraine and for the whole world.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was said to be “supportive” of Mr Johnson’s visit. Mr Sunak is “always supportive of all colleagues showing that the UK is behind Ukraine and will continue to support them,” the Downing Street press secretary said.


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