Government’s commitment to the North East is ‘absolutely rock solid and growing’ says Boris

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson and MP for Hartlepool Jill Mortimer visit JDR Cable Systems in Hartlepool. Picture by Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street

Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Teesside this week (21 July 2022) to meet Hartlepool‘s Conservative MP Jill Mortimer, to talk about the huge investment being made to the region.

The Prime Minister confirmed his Levelling Up pledge will go on during his visit to JDR Cables, which is based in the town and last year announced a £130m new investment in offshore wind production.

The British company, which supplies undersea cables to the industry, was given funding through the Government’s Offshore Wind Manufacturing Investment Support scheme.

The Prime Minister said:

“It’s fantastic to be here in Hartlepool where there has been a massive investment in cables.”

The PM went on to congratulate local MP Jill Mortimer for her “record swing” win in last year’s by-election, which she replied by saying:

“A historic win for you.”

The local MP added:

“It’s lovely to have the Prime Minister back in Hartlepool. We know how much he loves it here.

“We have got a fantastic plant here in JDR Cables and we need to expand so they can create longer lengths so that they can compete in the market and bring fantastic high skilled jobs to Hartlepool.”

The Prime Minister said:

“What it shows is the government’s commitment to the North East is absolutely rock solid and growing.

“The stuff we are doing in Teesside and you are doing in Hartlepool will be absolutely generational change.”

Teesside Freeport began operations in November and is already putting the region at the forefront of green energy, manufacturing and innovation.

It is estimated that the freeport is creating more than 18,000 new highly skilled jobs and will generate £3.2 billion for the local community over five years. It also has access to a share of £200 million of government funding to support the region’s levelling up ambitions to become the UK’s clean energy powerhouse.

Close to the North Sea, Teesside is ideally placed to serve the offshore wind sector and with its excellent transport links to be a gateway to global markets via air, sea, rail and road.

The freeport has already secured multi-million-pound investment from GE Renewables to build a new offshore wind blade manufacturing plant which they estimate will deliver up to 750 manufacturing jobs and a further 1,500 roles in the supply chain.

These blades will supply the world’s biggest offshore wind farm, Dogger Bank, helping to power millions of UK homes, and the government has also committed an additional £20 million to create a new deep-water quay to service the offshore wind industry.

Up to three more offshore wind manufacturers could be housed on the site, boosting the UK’s offshore and net zero ambitions, and creating thousands of jobs for local people.


  1. Fantastic job Boris. So proud of what you have done. I hope that you are back in Dowing Street soon. Will back you100%, X

  2. I agree Cannot understand why we are in this predicament Disgraceful I am voting for him to come back They had better add him to the ballot……

  3. Glad that the north has finally been recognised as a big, important part of the UK. I was a Londoner but moved away many years ago as I hated the place, the attitude of the people and the way it was changing to a different place to the one I grew up in. I live in the east of England now so more or less in the middle, I have met and worked with many ‘Northerners’ and always found them hard working, unappreciated and willing to work at anything as long as they were working and not living on benefits. They are inventive and clever but because they don’t talk like southerners they get the mickey taken out of them and thought of as ‘thick’
    Well done Boris, sadly a large part of this country, mainly London, doesn’t appreciate how much you have done for the north and doesn’t want to know about it.
    To so many of us in this country, we don’t know or recognise London as part of the country that the rest of us live in. Thankfully Boris can see beyond London.

  4. I am right behind Boris and what has been done to him by the few is a disgrace. We put him there and it should be us who remove him. Especially disappointed by our own northern MPs who were quite happy to court him around their region then stab him in the back. One even stated a few days ago to new candidates “After the final result we must collectively support the new leader”. Do as I say not as I do comes to mind.

  5. We can not have a small bunce of Back stabers
    Taking over this Gt British land.
    This is not a Banana Republic.
    We voted Boris in, So we have the right to keep him in.
    It is up to us to make it so.


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