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You might not hear about it on a lot of the other news outlets, but remember positive things are happening across our great nation. 

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Here are our 20 best read and most shared positive stories from just this week (13th – 19th November 2023): 

20. New counter fraud team saves taxpayers £311 million in first year, beating target by more than £100 million

The Public Sector Fraud Authority has saved taxpayers £311 million in its first year of operation, according to the authority’s first annual report, published this week to mark the start of International Fraud Awareness Week. The savings figure compares favourably with the original target of £180 million set when the authority launched last year – meaning more money which could be spent on schools, the health service, policing and more… click here

19. Culture Secretary celebrates northern creativity as hundreds of UK firms get funding to help them grow

Hundreds of creative businesses will benefit from more than £10 million of targeted support to attract investment and create jobs as part of the Government’s goal to grow the creative industries by £50 billion by 2030. It comes as Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer brings together more than 140 cultural and creative businesses across film, TV, fashion, music and video games at the WeCreate conference at Aviva Studios in Manchester, to celebrate the success of the creative… click here

18. 2,500 new places on UK artificial intelligence and data science conversion courses now open to applicants

Graduates will have the opportunity to apply for a place on new artificial intelligence (AI) and data science masters courses the Government has announced this week. The move will enable 2,500 people to develop new digital skills or retrain to help find new employment in the UK’s cutting-edge AI and data science sectors. Backed by £13.5 million of government funding, the government has joined forces with the Office for Students, universities and industry partners… click here

17. Astronomers around the world celebrate launch of UK-led space tech

The WEAVE spectrograph for the William Herschel Telescope at the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos has been officially inaugurated. A spectrograph is a tool that splits light received by a telescope like a prism into different colours that researchers can analyse to learn more about objects such as stars which the light has emitted from. The William Herschel Telescope Enhanced Area Velocity Explorer (WEAVE) is a next-generation spectrograph led by the UK… click here

16. British businesses to benefit from landmark South American aerospace partnership

UK Export Finance has signed an agreement with Embraer which is expected to increase the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer’s spend on UK suppliers. This new agreement will now see UKEF link the value of future credit guarantees to the value of Embraer’s spend on the UK supply chain. This is expected to boost the firm’s annual spend on UK goods and services, which already stands at approximately $60 million… click here

15. £267 million to boost local drug and alcohol treatment across England

Every local authority across England to be allocated additional funding to help combat drug and alcohol misuse. Part of government’s landmark 10-year drug strategy to improve quality and access of drug and alcohol treatment by reducing drug use to a 30-year low. Local authorities across England will benefit from almost £267 million of government funding next year to improve drug and alcohol treatment and recovery services… click here

14. British start-up to develop tech for pharma factory in space

A start-up is developing technology to build a pharmaceuticals factory in space that could help improve the lives of patients undergoing antibody treatments for cancer and other diseases. Currently, for patients undergoing antibody cancer treatments, this involves spending hours at a time in hospital to undergo intravenous infusions, which are both time consuming and invasive. To address this issue, start-up company BioOrbit is aiming to transform how this treatment… click here

13. Biggest prostate cancer screening trial in decades to start in UK

The trial will use innovative screening methods like an MRI scan and see hundreds of thousands of men across the country participating. Thousands of men’s lives could be saved, and their loved ones spared the tragedy of losing someone to cancer, as a major new prostate cancer screening trial is set to get under way in the UK backed by £42 million from the government and Prostate Cancer UK. The first-of-its-kind trial – called TRANSFORM – will use innovative screening methods… click here 

12. Cutting-edge British aerospace companies set to benefit from a new multi-million pound SME Programme

Cutting-edge British aerospace companies are set to benefit from a new multi-million pound SME Programme that will secure high-skilled jobs and help the UK lead the way on greener air travel. The Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) SME Programme will offer UK-based small and medium-sized firms the chance to bid for a share of £10 million total funding per year towards their innovative research projects… click here

11. Pharmacy reforms across England to bring new services to the high street

Pharmacies across England will begin offering the new contraceptive service in December with almost half a million women able to access the pill next year without needing to contact their GP first. The rollout is part of the NHS and government’s primary care access recovery plan, announced by the head of the NHS and the Prime Minister in May, which committed to making it quicker and easier for millions of people to access healthcare on their high street… click here

10. BAE Systems wins contract to enhance GPS technology on Eurofighter Typhoon

BAE Systems, the major British manufacturer of aircraft, missiles, avionics, and other aerospace and defense products has been selected to enhance GPS technology on Eurofighter Typhoon. Typhoon will be the first international platform with the DIGAR upgrade. Following successful activity to demonstrate functional compatibility and physical installation feasibility, BAE Systems Digital GPS Anti-jam Receiver has been selected to continue into the next phase… click here

9. COMING TO AMERICA: JCB to hit world stage at Monster Jam as British machine giant expands in US

A new British truck is set to hit the world stage to thrill families and motorsport fans after digger maker JCB and entertainment giant Monster Jam announced a new partnership. It was designed in conjunction with JCB’s engineering team and inspired by JCB’s iconic construction equipment and is set to make its debut at Monster Jam in January at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas – the city which is also the site of a proposed new JCB factory announced last month… click here 

8. England pledges to eliminate cervical cancer by 2040

England is among the first countries in the world to set this elimination ambition within the next two decades. The NHS has pledged to eliminate cervical cancer by 2040 for the first time ever, which could save thousands of lives every year across England. Speaking at NHS Providers’ annual conference, NHS chief executive Amanda Pritchard will outline how the health service can achieve the goal for elimination by making it as easy as possible for people to get the lifesaving Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination and increasing cervical screening uptake… click here

7. UK helps improve access to vaccines in low and middle-income countries

Four new hubs that will address challenges of vaccine manufacturing and delivery in developing countries have been announced. UK Minister for Health and Secondary Care, Will Quince, launched the hubs at a meeting on science, technology and health cooperation between the UK and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). Communicable disease epidemics are still a major threat to public health globally… click here

6. Innovation and reform across public services to cut admin workloads and free up frontline staff

New tech and cutting admin workloads will save millions of working hours, including around 750,000 policing hours every week.  The Chancellor will set out the case for innovation and reform across public services to unlock productivity as a new review finds that some public servants are forced to waste a day each week on administrative tasks.  Improvements being considered could free up over 38 million police hours each year, for police officers to perform frontline duties and cut a teacher’s workload by up to five hours a week… click here     

5. Another step closer to flying without carbon dioxide emissions thanks to UK innovation and new funding

Passengers are another step closer to flying without carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions thanks to £53 million of government funding announced this week. From utilising forest waste to transforming power to liquid fuel, 9 pioneering projects helping to create a brighter, cleaner future have been awarded a share of £53 million in the latest round of the Department for Transport (DfT) Advanced Fuels Fund (AFF). The full £135 million AFF pot is designed to help companies convert waste materials and by-products… click here

4. Gangland thugs in England and Wales jailed for thousands of years

Gangsters in England and Wales have been jailed for almost 6,000 years after specialist police cleared the streets of several tonnes of drugs and lethal weapon hauls in just 12 months. Specialist anti-gang units took three tonnes of cocaine, one tonne of cannabis, millions in dirty cash and hundreds of guns off the streets in the year 2022/23, leading to 5,827 years in prison for dangerous offenders… click here

3. UK takes a seat at the CPTPP table at first in person meeting after signing massive Indo-Pacific trade deal

The UK’s Business and Trade Secretary was in California this week for her first in-person meeting with CPTPP countries since she was in New Zealand to sign the deal in July. The CPTPP is a vast global free trade area consisting of 11 countries, home to 500 million people, across Asia Pacific and the Americas, and now the UK. Once the UK joins the group, CPTPP will be worth £12 trillion – 15% of global GDP – and over 99% of UK goods exports to CPTPP countries will face zero tariffs… click here  

2. £4.5 billion investment for British manufacturing to increase investment in eight sectors across UK

The government has this week announced £4.5 billion in funding for British manufacturing to increase investment in eight sectors across the UK. The funding will be available from 2025 for five years, providing industry with longer term certainty about their investments. Over £2 billion has been earmarked for the automotive industry and £975 million for aerospace, supporting the manufacturing, supply chain and development of zero emission vehicles, and investment in energy efficient and zero-carbon aircraft equipment… click here

1. BREXIT BRITAIN : UK signs 7th US state-level trade deal with Florida

The UK and the US state of Florida have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to boost trade and investment. Florida has a GDP of over £1.1 trillion – the fourth biggest of any US state and roughly the same size as Spain. The UK has already signed state-level trade deals with Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah and Washington. Collectively these states imported £5.1 billion of UK goods in 2022… click here

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By Claire Bullivant

Conservative Post, Founder and Editor

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