‘Harry has put serving soldiers and his own family in danger’ says former British Army Officer

Photographer: Sgt Rupert Frere RLC - UK MOD © Crown copyright

Former British Army Officer Major Chris Hunter says Prince Harry’s claim of killing 25 Taliban soldiers during his second tour of Afghanistan is ‘disingenuous’ adding: “Not only has he betrayed that Oath of Allegiance… but it’s actually his own family as well, and to do so for money.”

Prince Harry’s decision to reveal how many people he killed while serving in the Army was explosively criticised today. 

Former British Army Officer Major Chris Hunter said Harry’s claim that he wiped out 25 Taliban had put him, his family and serving soliders in danger of attack. 

The comments came as a senior Taliban leader hit out at Harry for describing the people he killed as “chess pieces”. 

Image of Prince Harry in 2008 with HRH The Princess Royal (Colonel of the Blues and Royals): Ed Lane Fox – UK MOD © Crown copyright

Speaking exclusively to Cameron Walker on GB News, Major Hunter said: “The comments were embarrassing really, and very much a betrayal as well. You know, all of us in the Army swear an oath of allegiance to the monarch at the time and not only has he betrayed that oath of allegiance, as an Army officer, but he’s actually betrayed his own family as well for money. It’s just truly sad. I’m very, very, very disappointed.

Asked whether this meant a target was now on the back of Harry and the Royal Family the Military veteran continued: “Very rarely will any soldier, sailor, airman, or any member of the Armed Forces serving or veteran, talk about the number of kills that they’ve engaged in. And I think, you know, that’s very, very rare. It may be done in context, in private, you certainly would never do so in a book. 

“So I think that, coupled with the fact that it uses terms like chess pieces, dehumanises them, I think, that could very, very easily cause some serious repercussions. And I think, not just to his own personal security, but the wider security, to  the Royal family and actually to the servicemen and women on operations across the world at the moment right now.”

His comment came as more than a third of Brits said they have a less favourable view of Prince Harry now than compared to a year ago. 

A poll conducted on behalf of GB News asked if people’s opinion of Prince Harry had changed over the last year. 

The People Polling poll found that only 9% now have a more favourable opinion. 

Thirty-eight per cent say their opinion has changed to a more unfavourable opinion of Prince Harry, and 36% of the public say that they have not changed their opinion of Prince Harry.

Contrary to the popular argument that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are cutting through among a young 18-24-year-old generation, the poll also found that only 10 percent of Britain’s 18–24-year-olds have developed a more favourable opinion of the young Prince over the last year.  

And 23% say their opinion has become less favourable. Thirty-seven per cent say their opinion has not changed at all.

King Charles visited 673 Squadron Army Air Corps at Middle Wallop on 21st March 2011. Photographer: WO2 Richard Dawson RLC – UK MOD © Crown copyright 2022

Commenting, polling expert, Professor Matt Goodwin said: “This year has been a disaster zone for the Harry and Meghan brand in the UK. They have lost the British public and are now among the most unpopular royals, eclipsed only by Prince Andrew. Here, we see that a plurality of voters have become less favourable of Prince Harry over the last year, a year which has seen the Netflix documentary and ongoing drama in the House of Windsor. On the eve of his book’s release, it is now clear from an array of polling data that Prince Harry has lost considerable support among the British public –and may never be able to recover it in the years ahead.”

The findings come on the eve of the release of Harry’s new memoir, Spare. Leaked extracts today (THURSDAY) detail explosive allegations including claims brother William attacked him during a row over his wife, Meghan.

According to other reports, Harry is also set to apportion some of the blame for his Nazi-uniform scandal on his brother and sister-in-law, Kate. 

Prince Harry will reportedly claim they encouraged him to wear the uniform and laughed when they saw him in it. 

Source: GB News


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