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Health Secretary condemns Labour’s support of rail strikes saying they are putting ‘patients lives at risk’

Photo credit: Sajid Javid

Health Minister Sajid Javid has called on the Labour Party to condemn the RMT strikes, during a week of massive transport disruption.

The Rail, Maritime, and Transport (RMT) Union, which donates thousands of pounds to the Labour Party annually, started striking today and is also planning to strike on the 23rd and 25th of June, throwing the rail network into chaos.

Rail companies have warned commuters that the strike action will not only cause severe disruption on these days, but the rail network could be paralysed for a six-day period. This could bring the whole country to a standstill in one of the largest strikes the United Kingdom has seen in decades.

The Health Secretary said:

“These strikes will impact working people the hardest and it is disappointing that the Labour Party is supporting the upcoming rail strikes.

“These strikes also put patients at risk and make it more difficult for doctors, nurses, and carers to get to work and for patients to get to their essential treatments.”

Questions are being raised as to whether Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer also misled the House of Commons this week when he twice said he did not support the strikes at PMs Questions (15th June 2022) yet as reported by the Daily Mail, leaked minutes from a meeting of Labour’s ruling body reveal Sir Keir does privately support the rail strike action.

Mr Javid said:

“The Labour Party have chosen to support the RMT Union and their leader, who consistently refuses to negotiate with the Government, working against critical reforms that are vital to the proper functioning of the UK rail network.

“They claim to be promoting the best interests of the British people, but instead, they are on the side of those on strike—that is where the Labour Party’s loyalties lie.”



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