Historic county flags raised in day of national celebration

Source: UK Gov

All 52 historic county flags raised in Parliament Square as festivities take place in cities, towns and villages across England, Scotland and Wales.

The flags of 52 historic counties will fly proudly at the heart of government today as the nation celebrates our shared heritage to mark Historic County Flag Day.

All 52 registered historic county flags have been hoisted in Parliament Square in resplendent celebration as festivities take place in cities, towns and villages across England, Scotland and Wales.

These historic flags fluttering in unison serve as a reminder of our rich history and is part of the government’s mission to celebrate the traditions that bind our communities together and instil pride in the places we live as we build back better from the pandemic.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick MP said:

Today is an opportunity to celebrate the rich tapestry of our shared national heritage.

These flags represent local traditions and stories from every corner of Great Britain which people rightly take pride in.

I am proud to see such an explosion of colour in Parliament Square on Historic County Flags Day in celebration of all that binds us together.

Earlier this week, the Communities Secretary wrote to all councils across Great Britain, urging them to proudly raise their flag to celebrate Historic County Flag Day.

This year, there will also be two new additions to the line-up, with Leicestershire and Herefordshire including their new county flags for the first time.

The Leicestershire flag combines three of the county’s symbols: the red and white dancetté background, taken from the arms of Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester; the Cinquefoil of the de Beaumont Earls of Leicester; and the running fox from the county’s crest, used on many of the county organisations.

The Herefordshire flag is also made up of three famous symbols linked to the county: the dark red field, Herefordshire bull, and River Wye.

Cllr David Hitchiner, Leader of Herefordshire Council, said:

This Historic County Flag Day will be an especially proud one for Herefordshire, with the county flag flown in Parliament Square for the first time. Our county is blessed with unique beauty, from stunning rivers to iconic orchards, and steeped in history, most notably the magnificent Hereford Cathedral which is home to the world famous Mappa Mundi and one of only four original copies of the 1217 Magna Carta.

While we are proud of our rich history, our vibrant city, thriving market towns and rural communities are looking towards a future filled with promise, and we will play our part in Historic County Flag Day by proudly flying the county flag in Hereford.

There are no registered or widely recognised county flags for Northern Ireland so the Union flag is flown at the head of the display so that all parts of the United Kingdom are represented.


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