HMS Queen Elizabeth meets RNOV Shabab Oman II in the Arabian Sea

Photographer: LPhot Unaisi Luke - ©UK Ministry of Defence CROWN COPYRIGHT, 2021. MOD News licence

The Royal Navy Oman Vessel flagship Shabab Oman II met up with Royal Navy flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth in the Arabian Sea.

RNOV Shabab Oman II is the sail training ship in Oman and a full-rigged ship which entered service with the Royal Navy of Oman in August 2014, replacing the current ship of the same name.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the deployed flag ship for Carrier Strike Group 21 (CSG21).

Carrier Strike Group 21 is seeing HMS Queen Elizabeth along with the Strike Group work with over 40 countries from around the world flying the flag for “Global Britain.”

EXERCISE ENDURING FRIENDSHIP Pictured: From left to right, front to back are RNOV Al Mubshir, RNOV Seeb, HMS Diamond, RNOV Sadh, HMS Defender, RNOV Shinas and HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The Strike Group are currently operating and exercising with other Navies and Air Forces during its seven month deployment across the globe.

On 1st November 2021, ships from the UK Carrier Strike Group, HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Defender and HMS Diamond met up with ships from the Royal Navy of Oman Vessels, RNOV Al Mubshir, RNOV Seeb, RNOV Shinas and RNOV Sadh for Exercise Enduring Friendship.

The MOD said:

“This will be a hybrid ‘at sea’ DE package IOT support Joint UK-Omani and tri-service land, air and maritime exercises, as well as a demonstration of QNLZ’s convening power for strategically important international actors such as the Diesel Generators, in line with the continued ‘Global Britain’ narrative.”

The Strike Group includes ships from the United States Navy, The Dutch Navy, and Marines from the US Marine Corps. As well as UK Frigates, Destroyers two RFA supply ships and air assets from 617 Sqn, 820 NAS, 815 NAS and 845 NAS.

This will also be the largest deployment of Fifth Generation Fighter Jets in history.

Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace said:   

“CSG continues to demonstrate our enduring commitment to global security and international alliances, from the Indo-Pacific to the Middle-East and beyond.   

“Our engagement with our allies and partners will endure long after the CSG’s visits and exercises end, with the permanent deployment of HMS Tamar and HMS Spey to the Indo-Pacific and close cooperation with our Five Powers Defence partners around the world. 

“Exercising and cooperation with like-minded allies is vital to tackle the common threats we face, contributing to a safer and more secure world.”

Source: Royal Navy / MOD


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