Home Secretary’s update to Parliament on MP security


Oral statement from Priti Patel the Home Secretary to Parliament on MP security as it was said:

“With permission Mr Speaker, I would like to make a statement about Honourable and Rt Honourable Members’ security.

“Operation Bridger was established in response to the murder of our dear colleague Jo Cox as a nationwide police protection programme to provide additional security measures to all Members.

“Following the devastating and horrific attack on our dear friend Sir David last Friday, I asked each police force to review the security arrangements for all Members with immediate effect.

“I am assured that since I commissioned that review, every Member has been contacted by their local police force to reassess their individual security arrangements in the wake of this tragedy.

“If any Honourable or Right Honourable Member has not received contact, please do speak to me after this statement.

“In parallel to this review Mr Speaker, the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre conducted has an independent review on the risk facing Members of Parliament.

“While we do not see any information or intelligence which points to any credible, specific or imminent threat, I must update the House that the threat level facing members of this House is now deemed to be substantial.

“This is the same level as the current national threat to the United Kingdom as a whole.

“So I can assure the House that our world-class security and intelligence agencies and counter-terror police will now ensure this change is properly reflected in their operational posture.

“Mr Speaker, I will always ensure face-to-face contact, robust debate and the wider benefits of our democracy are defended and protected. But we must all take this change in risk seriously.

“So I would, Mr Speaker, like to urge all members to access the range of security provisions and support available under Operation Bridger through the Parliamentary Security Department and the Metropolitan Police’s Parliamentary Liaison and Investigation Team. As well as for our own sake, we have a duty of care to protect our staff and the general public.

“I know that every single Member will take, register and act upon the advice that is given to help keep our be kept country safe from terror and of course enable our own conduct when it comes to making sure that democracy is defended and protected.

“I commend this statement to the House.”


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