HRH The Prince of Wales telephone call with Prime Minister Imran Khan

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, receive flowers from children after arriving by helicopter in the village of Nansoq in northern Pakistan. Creator: John Stillwell, John Stillwell. Credit: UK Gov / PA Images

HRH The Prince of Wales and Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke by telephone on Thursday. They reaffirmed the close and unique bonds between the two commonwealth nations including how the UK and Pakistan show the best of international friendship.

During the call HRH The Prince of Wales passed on his condolences for the lives lost in Pakistan as a result of Covid-19 virus. The UK is providing essential support to some of the most vulnerable in Pakistan during the pandemic.

HRH The Prince of Wales and Prime Minister Khan agreed on the need for greater global co-operation in dealing with shared global challenges especially on Climate Change and protecting the environment.

The UK is hosting COP26 next year and HRH The Prince of Wales welcomed Pakistan‘s resolve on tackling the threat of Climate Change, reaffirming the UK’s support for increased use of renewable energy in Pakistan.


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