‘I very much hope Boris does go to Sharm El Sheikh’ says Stanley


Stanley Johnson has urged son Boris to attend COP-27. 

The former Prime Minister’s father spoke amid growing speculation Boris will show up at the event next month.

In an interview with Nana Akua on GB News, Stanley said:  “I very much hope Boris does go to Sharm El Sheikh. 

“I want him [Boris] to appeal to British government to actually ditch a legacy of the brief Truss administration which has resulted in Rees-Mogg, as he left, proposing that we will now scrap, or ‘sunset’, 750 environmental laws, and a lot of other laws too, but it’s those laws precisely Boris needs to make a point of, which are going to give us the ability to meet our nature protection international targets and our climate international targets.

“Quite ironically, Boris will be there firstly to proclaim our proud record, but also to say actually watch out chaps we are going to really think again about this ill-advised piece of legislation which Rees-Mogg put before the House.”

A row over prime minister Rishi Sunak’s refusal to attend the Cop27 climate summit took an extraordinary twist over the weekend after the Observer reported the PM wasn’t planning to attend but Boris Johnson is.

Several sources said they had been told that Johnson is intending to go to the crucial meeting of world leaders in Egypt to show his solidarity with the battle against the climate crisis.

Mr Johnson’s attendance would be potentially explosive just days after Sunak took over as Prime Minister and decided he did not have time to attend.

Boris’s involvement would be seen as both an implicit criticism of Sunak for not going and an attempt to maintain and bolster his profile just a week after he abandoned his own attempts at a dramatic comeback to No 10. Several sources close to Boris did not deny that he was set to go.

Asked whether Boris Johnson was attending Cop27, the Cabinet Office, which is in charge of Cop planning and preparations, said it could not answer directly.

A spokesman said: “The government is absolutely committed to supporting Cop27 and leading international action to tackle climate change and protect nature.

“The UK will be fully represented by senior ministers, including the foreign, business and environment secretaries, as well as Cop president Alok Sharma. They will be working to ensure that countries continue to make progress on the groundbreaking commitments made at Cop26 in Glasgow.”

It is understood senior officials in government have been aware for some time that Boris Johnson intends to attend the event in Sharm el-Sheikh, which is taking place from 6-17 November.

Source: GB News


  1. I was nicely surprised to learn via GB News and the father of Boris Johnson, that the government are planning to ditch over 700! 700 environmental laws. This needs spelling out in public to all those who are paying a huge price for this rush to Net Zero. Telling those who voted Tory that they voted for something hidden in page 60 something of a manifesto that was barely seen nor read is not good enough. I saw in a newspaper some time ago that Sneaky Sunak said each household would pay £50K for Net Zero? That’s ten years of my total income. This country is a joke. This government with an MP imposed leader is a bigger joke.


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