Is this the greatest joint campaign ad in US history?


If you don’t live in Texas, this ad will make you want to move there.

They’re calling it the greatest joint campaign in history.

The mission? Save Texas by recruiting the greatest congressional candidates in history.

Okay it’s a little over the top – even by American standards. Okay, it’s a lot over the top. But that’s also the genius. Because in order for a campaign ad to work, it needs to cut through all the other campaign ads out there and in the US right now there are thousands.

The ad features Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw and five fellow Texas GOPers as an “Expendables”-esque team in a high-stakes fight to take the polls this autumn.

The ad opens at 5 a.m. in the “Crenshaw Command Center,” where the former Navy SEAL and first-term congressman tears open an envelope marked “Top Secret.”

He removes his signature eye patch — which covers a wound dealt to him by an IED while on deployment in Afghanistan — and uses futuristic tech implanted in the socket to interact with a smartphone he pulled from the package.

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to save Texas,” intones an MI6 sounding British voiceover as the music swells and Crenshaw boards a plane, wearing a parachute and fatigues.

“To do so, you must recruit an exceptional team of congressional candidates,” the voiceover continues. “The nation’s future is dependent upon your success.”

According to political commentator Steven Crowder: “This is the type of video people will share because of how over the top it is. Even if they are mocking it while sharing, they are sharing it and people are watching it.

“Five badass-looking candidates who at first glance, you wouldn’t know are Republican since the Republican Party isn’t generally known for doing anything this cool.

“Hopefully it works, because I would love to see the sequel after Election Day. Texas Reloaded 2: Inaugaration Boogaloo.”


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