The UK economy has officially done it again and recorded the fastest growth in the G7.

Unlike other G7 countries like Germany, the UK has also avoided recession.

Official stats released from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) this week show the usual doom and gloom predictors got it wrong again and the UK’s economy grew in 2022 by 4.0% beating all other countries in the G7.

In fact the Office of National Statistics data shows the UK beat all the other G7 countries (USA, Germany, Japan, France, Canada and Italy) for the second year running.

The official stats from the ONS Q4 2022 report, released 10 Feb 2023 show the following growth rates per nation of the G7 in 2022:

  • United Kingdom : 4.0%
  • Italy : 3.9%
  • Canada : 3.6%
  • France : 2.6%
  • United States : 2.1%
  • Germany : 1.9%
  • Japan : Yet to report, but will be lower than UK

[Source : Office for National Statistics, Q4 2022 report, released 10 Feb 2023.]

The new statistics also confirm that since 2010, the UK has grown faster than France, Japan and Italy.

Since the UK formally left the European Union, the UK’s economy has done the precise opposite of what was threatened by the Remain campaigns and by the forecasters from the left.

Our friends at Facts4EU.Org – together with the Rebuttal Unit of CIBUK.Org – were quick off the mark to show how the BBC are failing to report on this good news story for Britain. They state:

Inevitably the BBC chose not to look on the bright side of life. Their headline was:

“UK economy avoids recession but not out of woods – Hunt”

First paragraph:

“The UK narrowly avoided falling into recession in 2022, new figures show, after the economy saw zero growth between October and December.”

Facts4EU state:

“If the BBC had bothered to interrogate the actual data as Facts4EU.Org did, instead of parroting the ONS’s press release, they would have found that in Q4 the economy actually grew by 0.41% compared with Q4 2021. Only marginal growth, admittedly, but not “zero”.

Conservative Post Editor Claire Bullivant said:

“We are seeing this type of news reporting from the BBC time and time again. It’s also not always what the BBC mention, but what they fail to mention. It’s sneaky, poor journalism. If the BBC can spread doom and gloom, they will. They revel in it. It’s like they are allergic to good news. It’s why so many people are switching them off.

“The BBC should stick to the facts instead of relying on Mystic Meg forecasts from organisations that constantly seem to get their predictions wrong and who just want to punish Brexit Britain.

“Granted, there are a lot of unfortunate things in the world at the moment and the BBC can be superb in their global coverage of things… but when it comes to anything good happening in the UK, it seems they don’t want to know.

“As our great British Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC should be first to celebrate the UK being the fastest growing economy in the G7 once again. Shame on the BBC for not sharing this good news.”


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