Jack Lions: Wallpaper, outside dining, virtual quiz nights… have the left lost their hypocritical minds?


By Jack Lions.

They started out by speculating the Prime Minister threw a party on the 18th December 2020.  

Then as soon as the media realised Boris wasn’t even in Downing Street on the 18th, a full day before the Tier 4 restrictions came it, the media announced it was an illegal office workers Secret Santa that of course the “PM must have known about.”   

Then it was a cheese and wine event. Then it was an awards ceremony for the Downing Street key workers.  

Then before you could pop a champagne cork it was a proper old knees up complete with disco and DJ.   

Then they added a virtual quiz night into the mix… yes virtual being the operative word here. They do know the virus isn’t transmitted through computer screens right?  

I’m surprised we didn’t hear about strippers serving vodka shots off naked models while poor, pregnant Carrie was trying to sleep upstairs.  

Then of course they turned on Carrie… she was the devil incarnate for being outside in her garden with Government key workers.  

Oh and then we had ‘Wallpapergate’…. AGAIN and of course the mainstream media continued to paste that everywhere!

Nothing brings a wry smile to Laura Kuenssberg’s face more than when she slurps out with delight that people are calling for Boris to resign. 

To constantly back themselves up the mainstream media use phrases such as “we have heard from a reliable source” and “we have been told by a Downing Street insider” as a prefix to their venom.  

We all know that’s about as reliable as a mate telling a mate in the local pub but our mainstream media use it as a licence again and again to report their wild speculation as facts. 

Of course most of the time they never reveal their “alleged” sources so you can’t ever question the validity of any information. It all has to come out months later that they were wrong. THEN of course they never apologise or even report their mistakes. They are far too engrossed in the next scandal or accusations they are slinging onto the walls of Downing Street by then. 

Personally, I have been informed by sources close to BBC, ITV and SKY, that they are broadcasting unsubstantiated rubbish in an attempt to destabilise the Government. There… how do you like it Tom Bradbury?

In the US where this has been happening to an even greater extent than in the UK, the Washington Post recently discovered only 7% of American journalists identify as being Republican. How’s that for left wing media bias?  

I don’t know what that figure is in the UK and I won’t speculate like our nation’s activists… I mean journalists. But turn on any channel, listen to any radio station or read any newspaper and you’ll be met with a barrage of anti-Boris dribble from all the usual suspects and more. You can come to your own conclusions.  

Of course it doesn’t matter if Boris was even at a party. He could have been leading the conga line for all they actually care. His real crime is being a Conservative and they want him out. Drop the gavel. 

Just imagine a world where our journalists reported the facts and all the amazing things our Prime Minister has actually achieved since coming into power. The country would be a much happier place.

But no, they not only ignore them but like an Orwellian nightmare, they tear any of those pages out of the history books. 

Boris could be walking across the Thames and the BBC would just report he can’t swim. That’s the sort of media we’re dealing with. 

We’re at a critical time in history. Conservative leaders who stand for free speech, free markets and free people are being gunned down by the left’s journalists. 

These people cheer when vandals receive no punishment for throwing statues into rivers, they squeal with delight when idiots glue their faces to roads and they almost explode with excitement when they manage to cancel a conservative. 

Of course they always fail to show their hypocrisy when THEY clearly break the rules. How many newspapers did this photo of Keir Starmer (right) actually appear in?

Actually I refer to them as journalists in the loosest sense of the term. Most of them are just hacks who love to cherry pick all the doom and gloom stories from the news agencies. They then rehash them out to you adding their own little sprinkling of Tory hate.  

Nothing stops these keyboard warriors.

Through pandemics, through trade deals, through our fantastic vaccine roll out, all the brilliant policy changes… they just carry on bashing their keyboards (and our PM who many of us like btw) with sociopathic-esque conviction and they won’t stop until they have totally annihilated their target. 

They don’t even know the meaning of proper journalism.  

Back to university for you lot… oh actually that’s probably where you learnt this one-sided craft.   

When it’s reported Boris has been cleared of all this and like he said he hasn’t technically broken any laws, of course you won’t hear about it.  

Last month the Met Police issued a statement over the alleged staff gatherings at Number 10 Downing Street in November and December.  

They said after receiving a “significant amount of material in relation to the allegations reported in the media,” all the material has been “examined by detectives in detail and it does not provide evidence of a breach of the Health Protection Regulations.”  

Did you hear about it? 

Of course you didn’t. 

It’s time to get this real party started and fight back with the truth and proper journalism.

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  1. Jack Lions: A Star Is Born! One of my new favorite writers…skill, humor, and handsome! Where did you find this gent? And why hasn’t the Queen knighted this bloke yet? 😛

  2. What a breath of fresh air, someone telling it like it is, TROLLS INTERNATIONAL GETTING A BASHING!!! I ,for one is heartily sick of these hideous, self serving, grave digging trolls, who’s only reason for living is to kill someone else off!! Bullying of the highest order, if someone commits suicide through all this, I sincerely hope they go to prison for a long time! Setting an example is their mantra for the PM, but woefully that doesn’t apply to themselves, if children behaved this way they would be held up as spiteful, destructive bullies, and expelled from school! But this lot are immersed in a sewer of their own making, and expect us to go along with the shit and smell attached to them. Well sorry, but Boris has more integrity in his little finger than the whole lot of them put together, and the reason they attack him so vehemently—is because they are SCARED WITLES OF HIM, he is doing what nobody else has the guts to do-and making this country work, Broad Shoulders, he will eat them up and spit them out! Keep going Boris!


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