Jacob Rees-Mogg slams Labour and Lib Dem peers for dragging their feet on illegal migration bill


Jacob Rees-Mogg has accused Labour and Lib Dem pro-European peers of trying to delay the passing of the Government’s illegal migration bill.

The former Business Secretary accused ‘virtue signalling’ Lords of engaging in a ‘whinge-fest.’

Speaking on GB News he said: “The Prime Minister is getting tough on illegal migrants, he’s really grasping the nettle. We’ve had reports today that he is setting up a COVID style Cabinet committee to ensure illegal migrants are removed and the small boat crisis ends as soon as the illegal migration bill is through Parliament.

“But there are some within our law-making institutions that don’t really see the magnitude of the problem and want to drag their feet. Yes, I’m talking about members of the House of Lords, some of whom have been whinging about being detained in the chamber until four o’clock this morning debating the illegal migration bill.

“It seems many of our unelected members are happy to claim that generous sum of £342 per day funded by you, the taxpayer, for being kind enough to show up, but when it comes to a few hours overtime to scrutinise vital legislation there’s a whinge-fest.”

Mr Rees-Mogg continued: “The decision to push the proceedings through the night is indicative of the Prime Minister’s determination and the Government’s laudable aim to make sure the legislation gets passed in a timely way and the small boat crisis can be dealt with.

“And you see Labour and Lib Dem peers speaking of having to stay late is disgraceful and disappointing, whilst one noble if idle Lord said it is ironic that we are talking about detention when the Government’s front bench trying to detain us here, failing to see the irony of thinking that spending a few extra hours in one of the grandest debating chambers in the world is equivalent to those risking their lives cross being a channel at the behest of criminal gangs.

“The Lords is there as a revising chamber. It is not a policymaking chamber. These peers who are complaining are complaining about the policy, not about the details of the law, which is their correct role.”

He added: “The Prime Minister is right to be taking decisive action on this crisis. And he shows that he will not be deterred in solving it against the virtue signalling peers who will of course oppose it, especially if it means getting to their beds late.

“The Prime Minister must stand his ground and will stand his ground and he’s showing true purpose, and the unelected Europhile peers, who have a track record of attempting to frustrate the will of the people, will not be allowed to succeed.“

Source: GB News


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