Anderson Mori & Tomotsune, one of Japan’s ‘Big Four’ law firms has chosen London in which to open its first venture outside of Asia.

In a statement, Anderson Mori said its new office in “world leading” London will help it offer advice to European companies operating in Japan, and to Japanese companies operating in the West.

The Anderson Mori statement said:

“London is one of the world’s leading financial cities and a main hub in Europe for financial companies as well as many other companies.

“Our London office will enable us to provide timely Japanese law advice to UK- and Europe-based companies which expand their businesses globally regarding their investments in Japanese entities or real estates through M&A or joint venture transactions.

“We will also assist global companies with international disputes related to their businesses in Japan, and advise them on legal issues that may arise after their entry into the Japanese market, such as intra-group restructuring and labor issues. In addition, we will provide prompt and sophisticated legal services to Japanese companies that have already entered or are considering entering the European market, in collaboration with local law firms.

“Atsutoshi Maeda, the London office representative, has extensive experience in overseas legal affairs, having served as the Singapore office representative for eight years since 2013.

“The London office will utilise both his expertise and our firm’s broad network of relationships with other leading firms in Europe, which it has built up over the past 50 years, to provide clients with the highest quality legal services specially tailored to local conditions.”


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